20Nov 2017

Summer has finally come to an end and now we can crank up the heat! Autumn is a perfect time to do preventative maintenance on your HVAC system, ensuring it’s running efficiently all year long.We at J&W Heating and Air are here to help you with some excellent fall maintenance tips. Make Sure the HVAC ……Continue reading »

16Nov 2017

We all enjoy having a warm home during the winter.  What we usually do not like is the utility bill that goes with it. Heating a home can be expensive!  There are ways that you can improve the efficiency of your home, zone heating being one of them.  Our heating professionals of Jacksonville, FL are ……Continue reading »

13Nov 2017

Attic insulation is vital for those living in all climates. Homeowners in states with warmer climates have a false thought that attic insulation lacks importance. While living in Jacksonville, FL means that you do not have months on end of the severe cold, we do get extreme weather. Ask any of our Jacksonville energy audit ……Continue reading »

09Nov 2017

Homeowners often see hardwood floors as an ideal option for a variety of reasons. They are aesthetically appealing, easy on the eyes. They provide a room with personality and elegance. They are also extremely easy to maintain and keep clean. If you are a pet owner or someone concerned with allergies, they are also a ……Continue reading »

06Nov 2017

Proper sizing of an air conditioning unit is pivotal. If you go with a unit too big or too small, it will just not perform at the efficiency level you expect. Whether you are planning to replace an existing air conditioning unit or going with a brand new installation sizing is crucial. Our team of ……Continue reading »

02Nov 2017

Everyone wants to be able to avoid the need for an HVAC repair. You want to be able to go to your thermostat, set the temperature, and enjoy the effectiveness of the system. To enjoy this ease of use and confidence in your HVAC system maintenance is pivotal. Our team of HVAC maintenance professionals in ……Continue reading »

26Oct 2017

This may seem completely counter to everything that you thought you knew about home temperature, but humidity can be a positive thing.  Yes, indeed!  Humidity can play a role in the heating of your home, especially during the winter months.  While in the summer it is not an ideal thing, due to the sticky feeling ……Continue reading »

23Oct 2017

Ever notice that when the heat turns on, you get a bit of a burning smell that comes over you?  Is that a typical smell, or it something that you should be a little jumpy about?  Many homeowners do not like the smell simply because of the fear that it instills in them.  As HVAC ……Continue reading »

19Oct 2017

There is often a lot of contemplation on the part of homeowners as to whether or not they should try to clean air ducts on their own.Is it truly a DIY task to go forward with air duct cleaning, or it something that should be left up to professionals?A decision like this can be hard ……Continue reading »

16Oct 2017

The central air conditioning system that you have will have a lifespan associated with it.  As a general rule of thumb, most central air conditioning systems last for around 10 to 15 years.Once you get to that 15-year period, you get to the point where things start to break down. Repairs are needed, perhaps even ……Continue reading »