21Sep 2017

Have you noticed that your home just constantly smells? You could clean it for hours on end, and that scent just never seems to go away. It smells like a locker room, like dirty socks. This is known as dirty sock syndrome, and it is a prevalent problem for homeowners with central air conditioning systems. ……Continue reading »

18Sep 2017

We do not always realize just how inefficient our homes can be related to energy. The home, as it currently stands, wastes far more energy than you think. We get energy bills every single month, seeing them creep up year over year. Have you ever thought about ways that you can start to drive down ……Continue reading »

14Sep 2017

You may be under the assumption that a residential and commercial HVAC Jacksonville FL system is basically the same. This is not accurate in the slightest! These are two very different types of systems, even though their end goal is largely in sync with one another. As an installation expert of both residential and commercial ……Continue reading »

11Sep 2017

The summer months in Florida are a perfect time to be outdoors. You are enjoying time with friends and family, hanging at the beach, by the pool, taking in the fresh, hot air. There is a time, though, when you are going to want relief. That time comes when you go home at the end ……Continue reading »

07Sep 2017

Owning a home with central air conditioning can be a blessing, but it also means you have to keep up with the maintenance. There are a lot of conventional central air conditioning problems that creep up for homeowners. Understanding what the most common problems are and how you can prevent them can prove beneficial. Our ……Continue reading »

04Sep 2017

Ask anyone about their central air conditioning maintenance habits, and they will let you in on their secrets. Which of these are factual, and which are myths? A lot of false truths are out there which so many people rely upon. These are detrimental of their wallet! We at J&W Heating and Air want to ……Continue reading »

31Aug 2017

Have you ever noticed certain rooms inside of the home are warmer than others? You run your central air conditioning system all day. Shouldn’t every single room be at the same temperature? There are many reasons as to why this may not be the case. This is one area of focus for our energy audit ……Continue reading »

28Aug 2017

The air filter of your air conditioning system does a lot more than you think! It is just there to keep the air clean coming out of those ducts. It plays a pivotal role in how your entire cooling system is going to operate from top to bottom. One of the most common issues we ……Continue reading »

24Aug 2017

There comes a time when you are going to have to replace your air conditioning unit. It may have been 15 or 20 years since you have swapped out the current unit you have. A lot of advancements have been made in the time span, including energy efficiency and performance gains. Only so much HVAC ……Continue reading »

21Aug 2017

We all want our homes to be as fresh and clean as possible! No one wakes up on the weekend and says, “I want to make this house extra dirty!” “I want it to smell awful by the time Monday morning rolls around!” Who would say something like that? The act of cleaning a home ……Continue reading »