What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ductless air conditioning? Many think of traditional window air conditioning units or portable units. Ductless air conditioning is neither of these! It is a far more advanced air conditioning solution that offers whole-house cooling. Our team of HVAC professionals in Jacksonville, FL has seen this type of system installed expertly to cool homes of varying sizes.

The premise of a ductless mini split air conditioning system is central air conditioning, without the air ducts. You have a primary condenser unit that is outside, working to remove the warm air from the home. Inside you have multiple wall-mounted blowers that produce cool air and pump it throughout. Each blower is its own zone inside the house. Installation is speedy and also less expensive than a traditional HVAC system in Jacksonville, FL as no ducts are needed.

Energy Efficiency

One big benefit of a ductless air conditioning system is energy efficiency. Anyone that has a traditional central air conditioning system with air ducts faces a risk of leaks. System waste can result, in energy being used when not necessary. A ductless air conditioning system presents none of these risks and operates efficiently.

Zone Control

Zone control is another benefit of a ductless air conditioning system. You are going to have blowers in each of the areas of the home. They will work independently of one another. If you want one room to be cooler than others, simply adjust the blowers in those areas. This can also tie into energy efficiency, helping you reduce energy usage.

Heat and Cooling

A ductless air conditioning system also doubles as a heating unit. Versatility is what it is all about here! Ductless air conditioning systems can also act as ductless heat pumps. When it starts to get chilly in winter, you can use the units to generate heat inside the home. The pumps efficiently do this because they produce heat by transferring from the outside to the inside of the house. You get the best of both worlds with cooling and heating in one!

Ductless air conditioning may be the best HVAC solution for your Jacksonville, FL home. If you do not have air ducts, it can lead to a much faster and less expensive whole-home air conditioning solution. You want to work to figure out if it is right for your home. Talk to our team of professionals to see if ductless air conditioning is feasible. We can work to help you determine if the benefits we have discussed can be realized in your household.

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