You may be under the assumption that residential and commercial HVAC in Jacksonville, FL is basically the same. This is not accurate in the slightest! These are two very different types of systems, even though their end goal is largely in sync with one another. As an installation expert of both residential and commercial systems, we wanted to highlight some of the major differences to assist you, our consumers.

Size and Power Consumption

As you would probably expect, the first significant difference to address is the size. Think of the amount of space that a residential system has to cover compared to a commercial system. You have a 2,000-square-foot home versus a 10,000-square-foot or more office space. To cool these different types of areas, you need units that are going to serve the purpose.

A residential HVAC system is going to be much smaller in size and also consume a lot less power. The components will also vary as well regarding the condenser and such. The commercial HVAC Jacksonville FL systems will be far larger so that they can adequately cool the added square footage of space.


The site of the two systems is usually going to vary as well. With a residential HVAC system, the typical spot that you are going to see is behind the home, in the backyard. This is a good place for homes as it usually is near the basement, and noise is not much of a concern. A commercial HVAC Jacksonville FL system is going usually put on the roof. Why the roof though?

Commercial systems are usually placed on the roof for a few reasons. Noise is certainly going to be a consideration here, as a system up on the roof is going to make much less noise than being right outside of someone’s office. The roof location also protects the unit and allows for much easier maintenance, since it is so much larger.

Drainage Needs

The drainage requirements of both types of systems are also going to vary. A residential system will usually have just one drain pipe. The drainage will happen into one pan and continue as the system works to remove, evaporate, and repeat. Commercial systems are going to have a much more sophisticated drainage system. Multiple pipes that collaborate to ensure the system is adequately drained are going to be set up. The best commercial HVAC Jacksonville FL professionals will have very complex draining systems to guarantee no overflow occurs.

There are plenty of main differences between a residential and commercial HVAC Jacksonville FL system. Even beyond the three big ones that we talked about above, you have to think about the differences in the air ducts, and the components of the system, among others. Our team at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing are experts at both types of systems and can help you shed even more light on each if you should so choose to learn more.

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