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3 Things You Should Be Doing To Your AC on a Regular Basis

Having an air conditioner in the southeast is about the equivalent of having heat in the northeast, it is a necessity to say the very least.  With so many people having window air conditioner units, portable air conditioners, central air conditioner systems, there are things that you should always be doing to ensure that your air conditioner continues to function as you expect it to.  Routine maintenance that you can do on your own can go a long way in helping the short and long-term health of whatever may comprise of your home air conditioning system.


Air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL does not have to be overly extensive or time consuming.  There are things that you can do pretty easily that are going to make all of the difference in the world in keeping the system up and running.  Professional regular maintenance can also help and take things a step further, but it all starts with the level of car that you put into it on your own.  


Time for a Filter Change


The filter is one of the most important parts of any air conditioning system and it is also the easiest to maintain.  Air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL should always start by ensuring that you have a clean filter in your system.  Every two to three months you should be switching out the filter that you have in your system.  If you have a filter that is reusable then cleaning it is also something that you should be doing.  


The filter is what is going to allow your air conditioning system to be able to work through all of the gunk and such that is in the air and just push out quality air to you and your family.  Changing the filter is so easy and in the event that you have ignored it for awhile, now is as good of a time as any to take action and change it up.


Vent Cleaning


The vents are what are going to be delivering all of the nice and cool air right into your home.  What can happen over time as these vents are neglected though is that they can get quite dirty.  Regular dusting of these vents at least several times every single year is something that just has to be done.  If you cannot remember the last time you dusted the vents, now is as good of a time as any.  The ducts themselves are also something that should be routinely cleaned, but that is a task best left up to a professional.


Do Not Block the Condensing Unit


The condensing unit outside is what is used to bring air into the system to start the process of cooling it and pumping it throughout your home.  You want to clean out any obstructions to the unit including things such as chairs, leaves, anything like that.  When the condensing unit is blocked the whole system runs the risk of having issues and possibly being permanently damaged.  Air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL requires you to be sure that this unit is always free of obstructions.
There is a lot that you as a homeowner can do on your own in terms of air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL.  When you put the time in to do things such as cleaning the vents and changing out the filter you are going to be doing wonders for the short and long-term life of your system.  When you reach a point where you are not confident you can do the maintenance on your own, we are always a phone call away as well to help with professional maintenance.

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