Ask anyone about their central air conditioning maintenance habits, and they will let you in on their secrets. Which of these are factual, and which are myths? A lot of false truths are out there which so many people rely upon. These are detrimental to their wallet! We at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing want to shed some light on many of these myths, so you do not follow the same pitfalls. Keep that money in your pocket where it belongs while also keeping your central air conditioning system functioning flawlessly.

Cheap Technician is on Craigslist

We all know that we need to maintain our air conditioning systems. The problem is we do not want to pay the dollar in doing so! Understood. The mistake so many make, though, is hiring a technician that does not have the necessary skill or expertise. When you have an inexperienced technician working on your central air conditioning system, it is possible they could do more harm than good.

People may tell you, just go on Craigslist and search for a technician and you will be all set. So many individuals are out there working on systems when they have no training and no real business in doing so. Do not fall down this rabbit hole and waste your money!

Save on the Refrigerant

Another common myth is if you need coolant for your system, go with the cheapest one that you can find! The fee for refilling the air conditioning system’s refrigerant has gone up in recent years. The result of this is that people have started to put in less expensive refrigerant options, generics that are going to be less efficient. Manufacturers will specify what refrigerant is needed and following this is pivotal to keeping the system operating properly.

Skip Maintenance, Save Money

Do you think that you can skip out on your air conditioning system maintenance? Those that just had a brand new central air conditioning system installed will say that they will pass on system maintenance. They think their system is going to work just fine until it doesn’t and they wind up with huge repair bills. A tune-up is going to be much less costly than a major repair. Have that regular maintenance executed routinely!

Frequency of Air Filter Changes

The final myth we want to mention is revolving around the air filter. We have heard too many times that people have been told replacing an air filter annually is appropriate. This is not an OK practice! You want to swap out that air filter at least every few months, maybe more frequently in those hot summer stretches when the system is operating at its peak.

Pay attention to the myths we have laid out above. Avoid these and enjoy the savings that go along with the practice. There are better ways to maintain your central air conditioning system! We at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing with our maintenance plans can keep your system cranking all year long with efficiency. With so many false truths in the market, we bring reality and results!

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