Everyone wants to be able to avoid the need for an HVAC repair. You want to be able to go to your thermostat, set the temperature, and enjoy the effectiveness of the system. To enjoy this ease of use and confidence in your HVAC system maintenance is pivotal. Our team of HVAC maintenance professionals in Jacksonville, FL is here to help. We want to be proactive for you, inspecting your system and taking care of the minor things before they result in significant repair needs.

Checking for Regular Wear and Tear

There are some areas of your HVAC system that are going to have more regular wear and tear. A perfect example is going to be the air filter of the system. Change your HVAC’s air filter every three months. If you have a dirty air filter, the system is not going to function efficiently. A filthy air filter could even lead to a breakdown of the system entirely.

The system’s belts and pulleys are two other areas that get a lot of wear and tear through regular use. Belts and pulleys that get worn out tend to break. If you have not used your HVAC system much and are starting to rely on it more, once those belts and pulleys begin to get used again, they could just snap. Check the filters, belts, and pulleys often.

Clearing Pans and Drain Pipes

Your HVAC system is going to have a pan that it uses to accumulate excess water, as well as a drain pipe. Sometimes drain lines can get clogged up. Regular maintenance from our HVAC professionals can assist in these areas. We can help to check the pan and clear it to avoid mold buildup. We can also clear drainage lines, so you do not have to worry about clogs occurring.

Tighten up Electrical Connections

You are also going to want to check electrical connections as part of the HVAC maintenance of your Jacksonville, FL system. Electrical connections can get loose over vibrations from the system. Just making sure all of the links are tight will help to avoid repair needs.

Cleaning Air Ducts

Air ducts are another area that should get regular maintenance. Cleaning out the air ducts will help to avoid mold, dust, and debris buildup. As the air ducts get used, they are going to start to pick up all sorts of bacteria. Cleaning them will help to ensure air quality generated by the system is top-notch.

Proper Air Flow

Checking out the blower used by the system, as well as the blades will ensure proper airflow. Just giving the blades cleaning can do a lot. After a unit sits stagnant for a few months, between winter and summer, the dust buildup can be extensive. Cleaning the system will ensure it operates at maximum efficiency.

The above tips are just a few of the things we recommend regarding the HVAC maintenance of your Jacksonville, FL system. Take the time to give your HVAC system proper attention. Get us out to do routine maintenance, and tune-ups of the system in between the major seasons. Whether you are gearing up for the hot summer months or the chilled winter, maintenance is pivotal. We at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing are ready to service your system and keep it appropriately functioning.

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