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5 Tips to Prepare Your Unit for Winter Vacation

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Winter is almost officially here, which means it is time for winter vacation. As you prepare all the details for travel, don’t forget to leave your home in good shape while you’re away. This means preparing your HVAC unit to work properly. For homes in Jacksonville, Florida, the weather usually isn’t drastically cold. However, it’s still important to clean and repair your heater before you travel.

At J&W Heating and Air, we specialize in heater repair in Jacksonville, Florida. We do the work so that our customers don’t have worry about your home when you travel. Schedule your HVAC maintenance today, before you leave on winter vacation.


Five Tips to Prep Your HVAC Unit for Winter Vacation

Don’t wait until there’s a problem. Be proactive with your home’s repairs. This includes your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.


1 – Schedule Regular Maintenance

A well cared for HVAC system usually lasts longer and has fewer problems than uncared for systems. This means that regularly scheduled maintenance can save you money in the long run. In fact, even the EPA recommends regular HVAC maintenance to help avoid unexpected repairs and costs.

Most regular HVAC maintenance includes an air filter change or cleaning. Clean air filters help your HVAC system work more efficiently. This improves indoor air quality and helps lower energy costs. Also, a clean air filter allows air to pass through your system more easily. With a clean air filter, your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard to heat your home.

At J&W Heating and Air, we offer Preventative Maintenance Plans. Our plans include two cleanings and inspections per year, which keeps your system in top shape. This includes identifying any worn or broken parts that need repairs.


2 – Stay on Top of Repairs

Don’t wait until your HVAC unit breaks or stops working to identify and fix needed repairs. When your HVAC technician suggests replacement parts or repairs at your regularly scheduled HVAC appointment, go ahead and have the repairs completed. This helps you avoid the inconvenience of a broken HVAC unit and additional damage and costs.

Plus, you don’t want your HVAC unit to stop working while you’re away. It isn’t good for your home to get too cold for long periods. This could result in busted pipes and other damage.

Common heater repair issues include: leaks, control failures, drainage problems, sensor malfunctions, pilot control problems, broken heat exchangers and more. With most issues, a HVAC technician will be able to identify potential problems at your regularly scheduled maintenance.


3 – Lower the Thermostat

When you prepare to travel for winter vacation, don’t turn off your HVAC system completely. Instead, lower your thermostat temperature. This allows your home to stay cooler while you’re away, but your home can remain above freezing. This helps to prevent issues like busted pipes.

Lowering your thermostat keeps your furnace from running as frequently, which helps save on energy costs. This also helps your home to warm up more quickly when you return. Don’t set the temperature below fifty degrees. Aim for between fifty and sixty degrees for the best results.

Winter vacations is also a great time to install a smart, programmable thermostat. Smart thermostats are relatively affordable and easy to install for the average homeowner. A smart thermostat allows you to control your home’s temperature remotely. This means you could adjust the temperature throughout your trip and even turn the heat up before you arrive at home. Smart thermostats are a smart investment!


4 – Focus on Energy Savings

The holidays and winter travel can get expensive. That makes winter the perfect time to focus on energy savings. Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s also good for your wallet.

Regular maintenance helps keep your unit in good working order, which allows your unit to run without having to work as hard. Clean air filters are key to your HVAC system working efficiently. Both maintenance and clean air filters increase energy efficiency and lower energy costs.

For HVAC systems over 15 years old, it’s time to think about investing in a new HVAC system. Newer systems require fewer repairs and offer much better energy efficiency. Don’t wait until your system breaks to replace your unit.

Also, smart thermostats better regulate the internal temperature of your home. With remote control access and temperature monitoring, your home’s temperature can be maximized for energy efficiency.


5 – Uncover and Clean Vents

During the holiday and winter vacation season when you travel, make sure your heater vents are safe. Move any furniture, rugs or holiday décor that’s covering your air vents. This allows the heated air to flow freely from the vents. This helps your home maintain the correct temperature with less effort.

Also, clean your vents. For dirty vents, remove the register cover and wash with warm water. Allow to dry completely before you replace the vent cover. Vacuum out the inside of the vent to remove dust and debris. Air can flow more freely when the vents are clean.

Also, clean vents improve indoor air quality. This means that when you return home, the air in your home will be better quality than with dirty vents and air filters. Indoor air quality is usually worse than outdoor air quality. This is especially important during the winter months when more time is spent indoors.


Prepare Your Home Before You Leave

Take the time to prepare your home’s HVAC system before you travel. This helps save money on energy costs, avoid unexpected repairs and keep your home at the desired temperature.

To schedule heater repair in Jacksonville, Florida, contact the experts at J&W Heating and Air. We help keep your home in top shape!

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