The summer months in the state of Florida can be wonderful for so many reasons. You get a chance to get outside and enjoy some fantastic sunshine, summer breezes coming off of the ocean, social gatherings, and much more. As a homeowner, you are always looking for ways to take those fabulous summer breezes and capture them. How can you bring those breezes into your home? Our Jacksonville energy audit professionals can help in this department, analyzing your home and its strengths, as well as weaknesses, regarding airflow.

There is a lot of benefit to allowing summer breezes to make their way into the home. When you have a home that is too insulated, and yes there is such a thing, you will find that no air at all can get in or out of it. This can create a real problem when you have a breeze outside that could help cool your home, without having to waste energy running your central air conditioning system. The Jacksonville energy audit professionals on our team can assist you in the identification of these areas. We want to provide tips on how you can bring in summer breezes.

Open the Windows

The first tip is the most obvious, but it has to get mentioned right out of the gate. If you do not have your windows opened, you simply are not going to get a breeze coming in. One of the best ways to bring in the winds from the outside is to get all of those windows wide open.

Upgrade the Skylights

Many homes have skylights that do not have the ability to open. Instead, they are just panes of glass that allow the light to shine right through. Why not upgrade those skylights so that you have the ability to open them up, allowing the air to pass right through?

Replace the Storm Door

When was the last time you replaced the storm door for your home? Do you still have a storm door that just has one pane of glass? Ever open that door when it is hot out in the months of July and August? These older doors may still work, but they are going to let an enormous amount of heat pass through them, all while preventing the winds from making their way inside the home. Replace that storm door with a new one that allows for a screen to be pulled down and exposed, letting the breeze pass right through.

Install an HVAC System

You may not even have an HVAC system in your home, and if not, you will be losing out on a chance to bring in the beautiful air from the outside. A benefit of an HVAC system, outside of the creation of cool air, is that it can circulate the air naturally, without actually chilling it on its own. This can also work to bring in the breeze from the outside to your home.

Use the Fans

There are a lot of benefits to just using old-school window fans as well. Even ceiling fans and floor fans, as long as they are near the windows, can do a lot of good. Let these fans spin away so that they can circulate the air inside of the home and make it much cooler, naturally.

The benefits that come from taking advantage of the cool breezes outside must be documented. Our Jacksonville energy audit professionals can help you with the identification of these opportunities and explain the benefits as well. When you can get that breeze from the outside flowing in you can put less pressure on your HVAC system and be much more comfortable as well.

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