As the weather cools this fall, it’s time to think about heating your home for the winter. Zone heating offers a good solution for homeowners to better control the temperature in the different areas of the home, which are also referred to as zones. With zone heating, the temperature in various rooms or sections can be set at different levels. When used with smart thermostats, even more control is created to establish ideal temperatures throughout the day.

How It Works

A zone heating system uses technology to establish the desired temperature for each area of your home based on your specific needs and preferences. Each zone is managed with a dedicated thermostat. Electronically controlled vents or dampers in the ductwork regulate the flow of air from the furnace into each zone. The thermostat communicates when to open and close the valves based on the current temperature of the zone.

For example, if your traditional thermostat is located near an entryway, it may cue the furnace to come on if cool air enters from the outside. Other areas of your home, like a bedroom, are then heated unnecessarily. This wastes energy and reduces temperature comfort. Instead, zone heating restricts airflow to the areas of the home where the temperature hasn’t changed, heating only the spaces where an external door opening impacted the temperature.

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Six Benefits of Zone Heating

1 – Eliminates Hot or Cold Spots

The primary purpose of zone heating is to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home. Zone heating regulates the temperature by breaking down home into zones. A designated thermostat is located in each zone for each space to maintain the ideal temperature setting. For example, if your home office receives direct sunlight in the afternoon and stays naturally warm, zone heating allows that area’s heat supply to shut off during that time of the day, even if the heat turns on in a colder area of the home.

2 – Increased Temperature Comfort

Not everyone who lives in a home prefers the same temperature setting. Zone heating creates customization for the different areas of your home. Each bedroom in a home can be set to the desired temperature. Zone heating builds comfort for each member of your household. Also, by eliminating hot and cold spots, comfort is increased.

3 – Energy Savings

One of the best benefits of zone heating is energy savings. With zone heating, unused areas don’t have to be heated. Also, in areas of the home where heat is produced from the sun, activities like cooking, or other heat sources, zone heating allows heat from the HVAC system to be restricted. Your furnace is then only producing heat for the necessary areas of your home. When less heat is produced, less energy is used. That means lower energy bills!

4 – Versatile Options

A zoned HVAC system works for both heating and cooling a home for year-round temperature control and savings. In warmer climates, like Florida, a zone system is still a good investment because of its versatile, year-round use. During the summer months, the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the home. Also, zone heating works well for vacation rental properties that may need added versatility.

5 – Remote Control

Smart thermostats allow for remote control of your HVAC system. The combined effort of zone heating and smart thermostats, work together to better manage your home’s temperature. You can control your system remotely to adjust for behavior settings for specific rooms from your couch or vacation resort.

6 – Extend the Life of Your Unit

Anytime you reduce the amount of heat produced by your HVAC system, you extend the life of your unit. Zone heating decreases the wear and tear on your furnace because it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature in your home. When the life of your unit is extended, you save money in the long run.

Invest in Zone Heating

Zone heating is a smart investment to extend the life of your unit, save on energy costs and add temperature comfort. However, zone heating is not compatible with every home. HVAC companies in Jacksonville, Florida, like J&W Heating and Air, offer homeowners expert advice on the best HVAC solutions for their homes. Before you purchase a zone heating system, seek advice from a local, Florida HVAC company.

Contact J&W Heating and Air to schedule a consultation or HVAC maintenance on your current system. We are dedicated to helping our clients find the best option for their home’s HVAC needs.

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