The heat is coming and some of the humidity is already here. In our almost 50 years of providing air conditioning services in Orange Park, FL, and the surrounding areas, we have seen the different types of repairs each season can bring. As you start to run your air conditioner for this summer, there are a few types of AC repairs you may want to keep an eye out for:

  • Clogged condensate drain pipe – the condensate pipe in your air conditioning system takes the excess water that has accumulated in the condensate tray and removes it from your property. Clogs from debris and growth – mildew, mold, algae – can block the pipe so that the water no longer drains properly, possibly creating puddles or water leaks. In order to fix this, the drain pipe should be thoroughly cleaned out by a technician.
  • Dirty coils – there are two components in your air conditioner in which there are coils: the evaporator and the condenser. Both components’ coils can get covered in dirt and dust, which can affect how the coils work. Cleaning the coils thoroughly will eliminate this problem.
  • Refrigerant leaks – refrigerant leaks can lead to other problems, such as lack of cooling, stress on the compressor, and icing on the evaporator coils. They can also be tough to find and require specialized training to handle them. If you suspect you have a refrigerant leak, call your J & W Heating and Air specialist.
  • Tripping breaker – your air conditioner has its own circuit in your property’s electrical box that is designated by a specific breaker. The breaker is a safety device designed to turn off by itself should the power draw be too strong on the property’s electrical system; if it trips, there is a reason. Sometimes the breaker itself can be faulty, but more than likely there is an electrical problem in the system. NOTE: if you try to push the breaker back to the “on” position and encounter strong resistance, leave it alone. Forcing a breaker into place can cause serious problems. Electrical problems with your air conditioner are not a DIY repair, so it’s best to call an expert to review what’s happening.
  • Dirty air filter – a dirty air filter is an easy fix but if left unchanged, it can cause multiple problems with your air conditioning system. Why? A dirty air filter obstructs the airflow in your system, essentially depriving it of the air it needs to operate properly. Homeowners can change the air filter, or your J&W Heating and Air specialist can do it for you.

Regular Maintenance Helps Avoid Summer Repairs

All of the above points are inspected and adjusted in bi-annual maintenance, so regular HVAC maintenance can help you avoid these kinds of seasonal problems. Part of our air conditioning services in Orange Park, FL include maintenance programs, so if your AC hasn’t been used in a while, give J&W Heating and Air a call today to schedule an appointment.

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