Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Tips for 2023 PDF

Simple AC Troubleshooting Techniques from J&W

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Common Air Conditioner Issues a Homeowner May Check

The professional, honest, and talented J&W Heating and Air technicians can handle emergency heating and air issues. We recommend calling our team if your unit is malfunctioning or broken down. If it is a minor issue, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you solve several common central AC problems.

  • Check for a dirty air filter.
    • If your filter is dirty, it may need cleaning or need to be replaced.
  • Verify thermostat settings.
    • A common home mishap is not checking the thermostat. If your vents are blowing warm/hot air, verifying that your thermostat is set on COOL instead of heat is best.
  • Inspect air conditioner circuit breakers.
    • Find your electrical panel and look for any breakers in the OFF position. If they are labeled, find the breaker that controls your air conditioner and verify it is flipped on.
  • Clear debris from the outdoor unit.
    • A dirty or clogged outdoor unit may contribute to many simple malfunctions or higher-than-average utility bills. This debris may also be the leading culprit to frequent repairs.
  • Examine all air vents for possible blockages.

If you notice the following, your vents may be to blame.

  • AC struggling to cool the home.
  • Ice on refrigerant lines.
  • Frozen evaporator coil.
  • Water leakage from AC.
  • Blower motor issues.
  • Duct leakage.
  • Higher energy bills.

Ensure that all supply vents in your home are open and not blocked by furniture, rugs, or drapes. Be sure to check vents in your home’s unused rooms as well. If your AC unit is malfunctioning once you’ve gone through these steps, it most likely needs servicing. An AC unit breakdown during a hot spell can be a risk to your health and your family.

Heating and Cooling Problems and Solutions Too Much for You?

When was the last time you had your AC unit serviced? Preventative AC unit maintenance will extend its lifespan and help you avoid costly repairs, replacements, and unpleasant surprises. Our friendly support personnel are on call for 24/7 HVAC Repairs all year round. If you are a homeowner in Jacksonville, FL, or surrounding areas and your air conditioning unit is malfunctioning or breaking down, call us. Our certified skilled technicians will have your AC unit up and running again soon.

Preventative Maintenance Plans for Your Home

The professional, trained technicians and staff at J&W may set you up with a preventative maintenance plan and energy-saving program to save you money. At J&W Heating and Air, your air conditioning needs are fully covered, so you can sit back in comfort, knowing your home and family are in good hands. Avoid ill-timed breakdowns and emergencies, and ensure your home’s air is clean. If you live in Jacksonville, whether your AC unit needs repairs or if it has seen better days and needs replacing, contact us for a free estimate. We serve Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas.

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