The average high temperature in the Jacksonville area remains in the mid-70s through the fall, and even deep into winter, it hovers in the mid-60s, with chances of jumping back up 10°F on hotter days. This means that even after summer is a memory, the air conditioning in your home can’t be: you must keep it running in good shape for those occasional hot and humid days that can strike all throughout the cooler months.

The fall is a period when you may find your AC encountering more repair needs than other times of the year; it has just finished an intense summer load of work, and the stress and strain on it can cause the components to wear down. Should any sign appear that the AC is malfunctioning, don’t let the cooler fall weather delay you from calling for professional air conditioning repair in St. Augustine, FL from J&W Heating and Air. We have 24-hour emergency service whenever you need it.

Common AC Repairs in the Fall

  • Lubricating and cleaning motors: The summer work is especially stressful on the motors that run the fans and the compressor. During the months of steady labor, the motors can develop dirt across their moving parts, or start to lose lubrication, and this can eventually lead to them burning out from mechanical stress. When you hear screeching or groaning noises from the AC’s cabinets, it usually means the motors need repair work before they are beyond repair and must have replacements.
  • Cleaning the coils: The indoor and outdoor coils of an air conditioner are essential parts of the heat exchange cycle, and both need to remain clean to permit the easy absorption and release of heat. Both can collect dust and grime over the summer season, restricting the heat exchange cycle. Excess dirt along the indoor coil can also trigger it to start to ice over, which is a serious impairment for the AC. Should icing occur, or the air conditioner starts to lose cooling power due to a dirty outdoor coil, call for repairs to remove the coils and especially clean them. (Don’t try to clean the coils on your own, as this may damage them.)
  • Thermostat recalibration: If the thermostat doesn’t work right, the cooling system cannot work right. Even a minor miscalibration in the temperature sensors can throw off the AC and make it run at the wrong times, creating discomfort or wasting energy. Any number of malfunctions in an air conditioner can be due to thermostat miscalibration, so always call for skilled technicians to trace down the source of the problem and apply the right repair.

If you care for your air conditioner and call for service when it requires it, it should take care of you throughout the year until the next maintenance appointment in spring. J&W Heating and Air offers excellent air conditioning repair in St. Augustine, FL, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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