Here in Ponte Vedra, cooler weather does not last for very long. But when temperatures are in the 70s, you may feel relieved that you can open up a window and enjoy the fresh air instead of cranking up your air conditioner or running a heater. Because you may not use your air conditioner very often, if at all, for the rest of the cooling season, you have an opportune chance to schedule some much-needed services. Here are some of the air conditioning services available in Ponte Vedra that you should consider scheduling sooner rather than later, long before the cooling season begins again.

Air Conditioning Repair

When there are minor problems with an air conditioning system, some homeowners may choose to simply ignore it and shut off the system until high temperatures return. But scheduling air conditioning repair now means that technicians may be more readily available, so you can schedule service on your own time. And if you wait too long, there may come an unseasonably warm day that requires you to run your air conditioning system, which will only amplify problems and lead to more costly repairs.

Annual Maintenance

Maintenance is a service you should schedule every year to prevent problems from occurring and to restore some efficiency to your unit. Now is a great time to schedule maintenance so that you can be sure your unit is working as it should as soon as temperatures begin to rise. This service involves cleaning some components, making adjustments, and a full inspection to determine whether there are any major problems.

Replacing an Older System

Finally, the cooler months are an excellent time to schedule new AC installation, partly due to the availability of technicians. You can discuss your options with a heating professional, who will help you find an efficient model that is sized properly for your home and fits into your budget. Besides, waiting too long may mean that your system will break down entirely, which can sometimes cost more to replace.

For air conditioning services in Ponte Vedra even after the cooling season, call J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing today!

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