Air Conditioning System Failure Causes and How Best to Deal With Them

A central air conditioning system is not the most complex thing in the world, but there is always the risk that something could go wrong with the system, resulting in it breaking down on you. When you run into an emergency air conditioning Jacksonville FL situation, that is when you want to call on us at J&W Heating and Air. We can get out to your home promptly so that we can start to help you with your system to repair it, refurbish it, and get it back functioning effectively and efficiently.

As a homeowner, you want to have an idea of what could potentially go wrong with your central air conditioning system. This is not so that you yourself can hop onto the situation and start to fix it yourself, but more so that you have the information. You want to be able to know what to look out for and how to help our team of professionals in terms of guiding them to your problem should such a situation arise. There are plenty of very common reasons as to why your system could fail, resulting in an emergency air conditioning Jacksonville FL repair situation.

Wiring Issues

There are plenty of reasons as to why your central air conditioning system could break down, but wiring issues is going to be one of the leading causes. Faulty wiring can crop up over time. You may have had your central air conditioning system installed, had it running great for a year or even more, and then issues started to arise. This may be because the wiring was simply not done correctly out of the gate. Bad wiring can prevent your system from getting power, trip circuit breakers, and pose a potential fire hazard risk.

Refrigerant is Low

The refrigerant is what allows your central air conditioning system to create all of that nice and cool air that you want to enjoy. When you have reduced level of the refrigerant in your system, what you may have is a situation where the system is leaking or is just running low and needs to be recharged. The vast majority of the time it is due to a leak.

The Outside Unit Has Problems

Is everything working fine inside of your house, but the outside unit simply will not kick on? This could be a sign of a few different issues such as the power not getting to the system, the thermostat not working properly, and so on. When that outside unit is not kicking on when it should, it is time to act on an emergency air conditioning Jacksonville FL repair situation and get one of our professionals on-site.

Fans Not Blowing

Fan motors can blow out over time, but it is unlikely that this is the true cause of your system breaking down. There is probably other reasons as to why that fan has stopped functioning like you would expect it to. It could be due to a clog in your system, power to the fan, thermostat, or some other reason.

There are just so many different things that can go wrong with a central air conditioning system. The important thing to know as a homeowner is that you do have access to help in the form of our team of professionals. We are called on all of the time for emergency air conditioning Jacksonville FL repairs. Our goal is to act quickly and effectively so that the system can be back up and running in no time. A down central air conditioning system is no fun; everyone wants their home to be comfortable temperature-wise and getting that system repaired is the best road to achieve that.