The air quality within your business is something that you never want to lose sight of. When you are talking about the energy efficiency of your business, its safety of it, comfort level, and so on, air quality encompasses all of that. Think about all of the hours that you spend in the office along with your fellow employees. That whole time, they are breathing in air that they largely have no control over. You as the owner of the business though have more control than you think and that is where an air cleaner comes into play.

One of the most common things that we at J&W Heating and Air find when we do our energy audit Jacksonville work is issues with indoor air quality. When a business hires us to do an energy audit, air quality may not even be the first thing that is on its mind. It certainly should be though as it needs to get the focus that it deserves. When you have poor air quality, that is when you are going to have bacteria and allergens floating and circulating right through the air you breathe in your place of business. Our energy audit Jacksonville work can detect this and help lead you down a path to correct it as well.

So Many areas for Concern

Simply put, there are a lot of areas of concern that you have to be aware of when you are talking about the air quality of your business. Think about the air ducts, for example, that are being used to have the airflow through the entire office. What if there is mold that has managed to build up in those ducts? You could easily be exposing yourself to a major risk right there in terms of some really poor air quality. Even other, less harmful bacteria, as well as allergens, can build up and begin to circulate from dust mites and other stuff that has to build up in your place of business over time. When it comes to air quality, there is a lot to focus on and also be concerned about.

Equipment to Clean the Air

One of the more popular solutions that many homeowners are beginning to go with is a whole-home air cleaning system. These can be incorporated right with your new HVAC system, or retrofit to go along with an HVAC system that you already have.

The whole idea behind these units is for them to be very low profile and work to clean our air at all times. What the air cleaners do is they work with your HVAC unit and the return vent. As the air goes through the return vent, the cleaner traps all of the different particles, gasses, and other stuff that you are trying to get rid of from the air via a filtering mechanism. All you have to do with these types of cleaners is replace the filter and you are good to go.

Your HVAC System Also Helps

In the event that you have a well-maintained HVAC system, that is also going to help and work as a quasi-air cleaner. That is considering that you have your ducts cleaned regularly, along with your filter, registers, among other components that help to circulate the air. Either way, you go, it is all with the intent of trying to clean the air in your business.

Air cleaners are growing in popularity because air quality has never gotten so much attention. We have a level of awareness as consumers that simply was not there in the past due to new knowledge that has come out. J&W Heating and Air can help you with our energy audit Jacksonville work to test your air quality and help you improve upon it.

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