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The Benefits of Zone Heating

We all enjoy having a warm home during the winter.  What we usually do not like is the utility bill that goes with it. Heating a home can be expensive!  There are ways that you can improve the efficiency of your home, zone heating being one of them.  Our heating professionals of Jacksonville, FL are here to guide you through the benefits of zone heating.


The Concept of Zone Heating

How many thermostats do you have in your home?  If the answer is one, that is consistent with the vast majority of Americans.  Most of us, no matter what size of a house we have, will only get one thermostat.  What if you want the bedroom to be warmer than the kitchen in the middle of the night?Zone heating is what provides you the ability for this!  One zone and thermostat does not cut it.


The concept of zone heating is to break your home up into chunks.In each of these chunks, you control the temperature separately.  You could have as many or as few zones as you want.Some may want to go to the extreme, where each bedroom has its zone and its thermostat.Others may find more of a happy medium of control versus investment in zoning the household.


Saving on Utility Bills


The significant benefit of zone heating is that you will save money on utility bills.Say you have a two-story home with the bedrooms all on the second floor.If you have a zone heating system, you can turn the temperature way down at night on the first floor and higher on the second floor.This way, you can heat the rooms that need it during the evening.In the morning, switch them and reverse where the heat goes.


A home that does not have a zone heating system does not have this ability.With a lack of zones, one thermostat will push your heating system in your Jacksonville, FL home to heat the whole house.With a zone system, you can save a lot by reducing energy usage.


Comfort in the Home


A zone heating system leads to a more comfortable home.Home comfort is pivotal for households, especially in winter.  With one thermostat, the temperature reading is only going to come from that one spot.If the thermostat is right near a register, it is going to have its degree reading rise quickly.If a bedroom, on the other side of the home does not get as much airflow, it will not be at the temperature the thermostat is reading.  Having multiple zones helps to ensure temperature regulation and comfort throughout.


Zone heating brings with it many benefits enjoyed by Florida homeowners.Whether you are relying on an HVAC system in the summer or winter, zoning of your house helps save money and raise comfort levels.Talk to our heating professionals of Jacksonville, FL about adding zones to your existing system or new installation.

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