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Best Way to Determine the Right Size of Your New Air Conditioning System

We go to great lengths to fight the heat and the humidity that we all have to endure living in an area such as Ponte Vedra, FL.  Those summer months can be a real drag.  Even though it may appear sunny and beautiful outside, the reality is that the heat can become oppressive quite easily to the point where any of the enjoyment that you could have outside is just erased.  This is where we come in with our ability to help design for you an air conditioning system, an HVAC Ponte Vedra system, with the goal of keeping you cool and comfortable.

When you have a home that has a quality air conditioning system you’re going to be able to get the relief that you need from the heat.  One of the most common questions that we get though when we go out to homes to price out air conditioning systems is related to the size of the new system.  Just how big of an air conditioning unit do you really need to keep your home cool?  Is there such as thing as having a system that is too big or too small?


Determining Size

There are a few different ways that you’re going to be able to determine the appropriate size of your HVAC Ponte Vedra system.  The most common though is to look at the size of the unit in terms of what is known as tons.  This is not to say that it is based on the weight in any way.  The tons is the measure of how well the air conditioning system is going to be able to keep your home cool.  A one ton unit, for example, will be able to cool about 12,000 BTUs per hour.  A BTU is the amount of needed energy to cool one pound of water by one degree.

The most common range that you’re going to find in terms of air conditioning units is from one to five tons.  They come in half-ton increments so that you can go from one to five, half-ton by half-ton.  When you’re getting up there above a five ton unit then you’re going to be in the territory of what is considered to be a commercial HVAC Ponte Vedra unit or system.


Size Makes the System

The size really is pivotal to ensuring that you end up with a HVAC Ponte Vedra system that’s going to be both effective and efficient.  In the event that you go with a system that is too big then you’re going to find is that the system will turn on too quickly, cool the home in a rapid fashion and then shut off.  The home will be cool, but the cycle will not be complete to ensure that all of the humidity and such is erased from the room.  Energy efficiency is also going to lag due to this.

A  unit that is too small is going to have a similar problem, the biggest difference here is that you’re going to find that the system will not be able to cool your home to your liking.  This can result in the system constantly running over and over to the point where it never gets to shut off, never truly gets rid of all of the humidity, cool air and so on.


Calculating Size

The easiest way to do a quick calculation to figure out what the right size of an HVAC Ponte Vedra system is going to be for your home is to use a simple formula.  What you do is you take the square footage of your home and multiple it by the number 25, then divide it by 12,000.  Once you do this, you subtract .5 and you will get to where you want to be with the tons in a nutshell.

Let us do this example with a 1,500 square foot home.  You take the 1,500 and multiple it by 25 to get to 37,500.  You then divide it by 12,000 to get to 3.1, and then subtract the .5 and you end up at 2.6.  This means that you could go with either a two and a half  ton or three-ton unit for your home.  If you live in a humid climate such as Ponte Vedra, FL, going with the three ton probably makes more sense.

We’re here to help you in terms of being able to figure out exactly how big of an air conditioning system that you need for your home.  When we walk you through our idea for your system, we will discuss with you sizing so that you are onboard with our decision and understand why we believe it is the right tonnage.  Investing in a quality and properly sized HVAC Ponte Vedra system can really help you stay cool and escape the heat in those hot summer months.

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