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While a warm breeze can feel nice every now and then, you don’t want to feel one from your air conditioning unit. If you turn on your air conditioner and you cannot feel cool air, it’s time for air conditioning repair. We’ve detailed some of the most common reasons your AC stops blowing cool air, but you should call a technician to properly diagnose and repair your system.

Refrigerant sits at the core of your air conditioning system. Without it, air conditioning simply wouldn’t exist. Your unit passes the refrigerant through a series of valves and coils, which first revert it to a liquid state (creating hot air which is vented outside) then allow it to evaporate back into a gas (pulling heat out of the air and then allowing the cooled air to be blow into our house with a fan).

Having an effective and efficient air conditioning system for your business is not an option in Florida. Our heavy and humid summers can make the interior of any building miserable unless an AC keeps it properly cooled down. Without an air conditioner doing its job, you’ll have unhappy employees and customers, and your company will suffer because of it.