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Can I Have Ductless Heating from Furnace Installation?

Ductwork comes standard in a large percentage of homes across the U.S. because it was once necessary for delivering warm or cool air into a living space. But in Florida, not all homes come equipped with ductwork, due in part to new innovations in heating and air conditioning technology that allow homeowners to go ductless and also because our heating and cooling needs aren’t nearly as demanding as they are in other areas of the country. Our climate is generally temperate, and our heating needs are not intense for most of the year. But sometimes, you still crave the all-around comfort of a forced-air heating unit, like a furnace.

Unfortunately, hooking up a furnace to a home or room without any ducts would involve some costly and time-consuming renovations, which many homeowners would rather avoid. However, Jacksonville residents can get the same level of comfort and convenience from ductless heating installation.

Why Furnaces Require Ducts

Furnaces hook up to the natural gas line provided by your utility company. Combustion occurs in order to produce heat, and the combustion gases need somewhere to vent. This system is large and complex, which is part of the reason it’s largely hidden from view. It’s also safer to keep it in a hidden location, to prevent any lingering combustion gases from making their way into the living space. In any case, air from your home is blown past the heat exchanger and must get to all the rooms in your home in some way. And the only effective way to deliver warm air from a central heating system is with a set of ducts.

How Ductless System Works

A ductless heating system uses technology that is entirely different from that used with furnaces. The reason it’s able to deliver heat to various areas of the home without the use of ducts is because it uses refrigerant to move heat around from the outside to the inside. Like a traditional air conditioner, there is an outside part and an inside part. But unlike a traditional air conditioner, the inside air handler can be mounted to the wall in various locations throughout the house. The outside unit uses refrigerant to absorb heat and move it through a refrigerant line that leads to the various air handlers in the house. This system works for AC and heating and won’t struggle even in very chilly weather.

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