Owning a home with central air conditioning can be a blessing, but it also means you have to keep up with the maintenance. There are a lot of conventional central air conditioning problems that creep up for homeowners. Understanding what the most common problems are and how you can prevent them can prove beneficial. Our team at J&W Heating and Air are your residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL experts to help lead the way.

Refrigerant Empty

The central air conditioning system that you have requires refrigerant. It is the refrigerant that allows the system to create that cold air you rely on and enjoy so much. It is a chemical that is filled into your system when it is initially installed. Over time, the refrigerant is going to begin to get used up. On top of that, issues could crop up with its container, resulting in a leak. When you have reduced levels of refrigerant, it is likely that the system is not going to cool the home very well.

One of the best ways to prevent this problem is to have the system regularly inspected. An annual tune-up is an excellent idea as the refrigerant levels will be examined, so you know they are in the proper state before heavy usage begins.

Outside Unit Stops Working

If you have an outside unit that is not functioning the way that it should, the fan does maybe not kick on; this is a problem. That outside fan and unit overall has the responsibility of getting all of the heat from the inside of your home, blasted to the outside. It is pivotal for this to be functioning as you would expect it to so that the air can be properly circulated.

To prevent the outside unit from running into issues, make sure all components leading to it are in check. The thermostat is going to need to be working properly; power must be provided. Regular maintenance and inspections of the outside unit will ensure these items are functioning.

No Air Flow

Do you have a problem with airflow in individual rooms? It happens to many residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL homeowners. Having reduced or no air flow could be indicative of a few different issues. It could be a sign that you have a blockage in one of your air ducts. It could also mean that you have a frozen coil that is stopping the unit from working the way it should. Airflow restrictions can be truly troublesome.

The best preventative maintenance you can do here is to be sure the filter is regularly changed and that the air ducts are cleaned routinely. Doing this will help keep the airflow going as you would expect to get the results you want.

A lot of standard residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL problems can be prevented with adequate maintenance. Our team at J&W Heating and Air has plenty of service plan options to help your system. Reach out to us today and get on one of them that suits your maintenance level needs!

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