It can be incredibly easy to take for granted the fact that your HVAC system is working as you would expect it to. Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, you go to that thermostat, hit the digital buttons to alter the temperature, and the unit kicks on and starts working. What happens, though, when that no longer happens? Repair needs are inevitable when it comes to just about any appliance or another asset you have in your home or business, including your HVAC system. There is some standard air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL needs that appear and knowing what they are, and the costs associated with them can prove to be beneficial.

Reading Into the Statistics

There are plenty of statistics out there that can help you figure out what a typical air conditioning repair in Jacksonville FL is going to cost you. The range that is common amongst the vast majority of research banks is that you can expect to pay between $300 and $500 to repair an HVAC system. When you have an emergency situation, this could drive the price higher.

Per the numbers that have been accumulated, a repair of an air conditioning system could run anywhere from just $100 or so, all the way up to around $1,500 or higher. It is dependent on a few things including whether it is a big commercial HVAC system or residential, the age of the unit, the complexity of the issue, and who you hire to do the job.

Costs Impacting the Repair Price

There are going to be plenty of factors that are going to have a direct bearing on the repair price of your air conditioning system. This starts with the age of the unit, as well as its efficiency and size. If you have a unit that is 20 years old but still working, the cost to repair that unit is going to be much higher than a newer unit. Chances are if you have a unit that is that old it is going to require more than just a minor repair, parts may be harder to come by, and the need for expertise around that type of unit may be higher. Efficiency and size also factor in. The bigger the unit, the more expensive it may be to fix as parts are going to cost that much more. The same goes for efficiency rating as a higher SEER rating unit will carry with it a bigger price tag to get what is needed to get it running again.

The level of maintenance that you have placed into the system over the years and the extent of the damage will also matter. If you have a system that you have maintained quite regularly over the years, it may already be well-cleaned, and in pretty good shape. The repair need may have been identified early, making it an easy fix that is less expensive than if it were ignored for a while. The extent of the damage goes without saying, as air conditioning repair in Jacksonville FL needs may extend all the way to where the unit itself simply needs to be replaced.

Everyday Price Points

Some of the more common repair needs that come up with an HVAC system include a refrigerant leak, as well as the need to recharge the air conditioning refrigerant. These can carry price tags of $200 to $1,500 for the leak, or $250 to $750 for the recharge.

Control circuit boards, as well as issues with fuses and circuit breakers, and thermostats, can also carry with them fairly hefty repair price tags. A new control circuit board can go upwards of $500, while new thermostats will vary on how fancy of a unit you work with, some ranging from $100 to over $300. Fuses and such can also cause you $300 or so in repair costs.

Some of these air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL costs are going to vary based on many of the factors that we detailed above. As the owner of an air conditioning system, having an awareness of some of these common issues and associated costs can help you prepare and also accurately value routine HVAC maintenance.

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