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Common Misconceptions About Your HVAC System

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about an HVAC system that can deter both homeowners, as well as the owners of businesses from going forward with a system such as this. The truth of the matter though is that these misconceptions should be put to rest. There are a lot of great benefits to having an HVAC system and the more that you understand the benefits, the better that you are going to be able to sift through the weeds of negativity, knowing what fact is and what is the myth.


No Upkeep of the System is Required


One of the first misconceptions out there in regards to an HVAC system is that no maintenance of the system is needed. Ask any emergency AC repair Jacksonville FL professional about the upkeep of an HVAC system, and they will tell you that it is paramount. We at J&W Heating and Air understand that which is why ew offer some of the best maintenance plans out there on the market. Like any asset that you may purchase, you want to think about how you can do your part of caring for the HVAC system, helping it fulfill its lifespan. Upkeep has to be taken into consideration.


Energy Efficiency Remains Constant


Does the car that you own run the same as it did the day that you bought it? The answer is likely no if you have a car that if five-years-old or more. Energy efficiency with an HVAC system works much the same way. Energy efficiency is not going to remain constant with an HVAC system. If you already have a system that is a decade old or more, it is going to be far less energy efficient than it was the day you bought it. When compared to some of the newer units that are out there, that energy efficiency is also going to pale in comparison.


More Expensive Than Window Air Conditioners


An HVAC system is not going to be more expensive than window air conditioners over the long haul. One of the big reasons as to why the owners of homes and businesses are usually reluctant to move forward with an HVAC system is that they fear the cost of entry. They think that it is too much money to put out there just to cool the space that you live and work in. Instead, they rely on window air conditioners, portable air conditioners.

The window and portable units are going to be less expensive than a full HVAC system out of the gate, but the cost that is going to be there as the years go by is more than going to make up for it. The misconception is that the cost to run the window and portable units are less compared to the HVAC. Comparing month to month costs, though, energy efficiency gains you will experience from the full HVAC system are going to be hands down superior to the other options.


Repair Costs are Expensive


Repair costs do not have to be that expensive for HVAC systems. When you do your homework, hire a professional emergency AC repair Jacksonville FL company like us, you are going to get a reasonable price point, a fair deal on the repair needs. Coupling this with routine maintenance is also going to help to keep the repair work to a minimum. When you can do small repairs proactively, it will contribute to avoiding the significant repairs and high dollar price tags that go with them.


An HVAC system is something that can provide a lot of value to the owners of homes and businesses. It is a very efficient way to cool any area that you are working or living in, and knowing the facts, the benefits of the system helps you more than justify the cost of entry. Our team of emergency AC repair Jacksonville FL professionals can help clear up any other misconceptions you have to get a full understanding of what these systems can offer.

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