When you purchase a brand-new air conditioning system, you are going to get the warranty that comes with it. The warranty is typically going to be covered for repairs and replacement of the main areas of the system. The goal of the warranty is to promise you that the system will function as you would expect it to over a set period. If you have faulty equipment installed, for example, this will allow you to have it replaced with a new unit or system. One thing Jacksonville AC owners forget is that it is possible to void the air conditioning system warranty.

Read the Details

The best thing you can do for yourself out of the gate is to know the particulars of the warranty. Make sure you have a firm understanding of what is covered and what is not. Also, gain a grasp over what you would have to do to void the warranty. The devil is in the details with these types of things. Warranties can provide excellent coverage layers as long as they are utilized correctly!

Register the Warranty

The first mistake people make to void their air conditioning system warranty is failing to register it. When you purchase a central air conditioning system, you get it installed and you turn it on! You are not thinking about registering the product with the manufacturer. You want to enjoy it now, right?

A void of the warranty can typically occur when you fail to register the warranty before it is in use. Getting that warranty registered can usually be accomplished online. Once it is all in the system, you are free to crank the cold air.

Failure to Use OEM Parts

You may have already run into an issue with your system or something was not covered by the warranty. You replace it with a generic brand product you find thinking nothing of it. Did you know this could void the warranty? You always want to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts in your Jacksonville AC system if you need a repair. These parts are tested for compatibility and functionality with your particular system. If you run into something that would have been covered by your warranty but have generic parts, your warranty could be voided.

Annual Maintenance

Are you doing everything needed from a yearly maintenance perspective? Your warranty will cover a lot. If the system breaks down because you ignored having the filter changed for a few years, it is your fault, not the manufacturer’s! A warranty is usually going to insist on this, plus other routine maintenance like a tune-up.

A manufacturer warranty that comes with your air conditioning system can be truly valuable. You want to have an understanding of what it covers, as well as what you must do to keep it in effect. Do want you can not void that warranty and keep your Jacksonville AC system protected!

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