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Comparing Central Air Conditioning to Window Air Conditioning in Jacksonville, FL

Many homeowners always wonder what the real differences are between central air conditioning and window air conditioning.  Is it worth the money to have your home fitted with a full-blown central air conditioning system in Jacksonville, FL or are you better off just putting in a bunch of window units every single year?  It is a fair question, especially if you are a homeowner that is living on a budget month to month.  Central air conditioning does have a lot of benefits though that can really help outweigh that initial cost of installation and for the main unit itself, as well as the ductwork, if necessary.


So how do you go about actually comparing central air conditioning to window air conditioning?  There is a lot to think about when you are doing this type of analysis.  You want to start with thinking about the temperature in your home and the overall regulation of it.  Energy efficiency also has to be a strong consideration, as does durability, maintenance, as well as what you have to do annually when the winter months roll around.  Let’s take a look at each of these factors in more detail to get a firm comparison of central air conditioning to window air conditioning.


Regulating the Temperature Throughout Your Home


Central air conditioning and window air conditioning work in very different ways in terms of how they cool your home.  Window air conditioning units are going to be blowing from one central air in whatever window you place the unit.  This means that exactly in the air of the window unit you will get a lot of cool air.  The further you move away from the unit though the warmer it is going to get.  This means your home as a whole will not be a consistent temperature throughout.


When you are dealing with a central air conditioning system in your Jacksonville, FL home, temperature regulation is much easier to obtain.  Central air conditioning is going to be able to blow cool air throughout your home through the many different vents that you have.  As it does this it will be cooling all areas of your home so that when you go from one room to the other it remains a cool temperature.


Using Energy Efficiently to Cool the Home


Window air conditioning units, even the newer ones, use more energy than you may think.  This is due to the fact that these units typically have to work overtime to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.  Central air conditioning units are not going to have quite as much trouble.  When you have a central air conditioning unit you are not going to have to worry about the constant cycle on and off of the unit.  Window air units will do this more often and use more electricity as a result of it.


Durability and Maintenance Requirements


Durability and maintenance are important considerations as well when comparing window and central air conditioning.  Durability is something that central air conditioning units share.  These units are made to be left outside year-round through the winter months, through heavy rain, snow, and all of that.  Window air conditioning units cannot take this type of beating and wear and tear.  As for maintenance requirements, both are pretty minimal.  As long as you change the filter and care for the units the central air and window units will be able to continue on whenever you need them to be up and working.


Shutting Down the Units for the Winter Months


The hardest thing about window air conditioning units when you are comparing them to central air conditioning units is that they have to be put away every single year.  It can be quite a hassle to take out the window units, pack them up, and put them in a basement, attic, or something like that.  Central air conditioning units basically just need to have the vents closed, the units maybe covered up or not depending on the situation of where you live, and that’s about it.
Central air conditioning systems are tremendous for Jacksonville, FL homeowners.  They do a terrific job of regulating the temperature of your home throughout every room.  It is important to compare them to window units so that you can get a baseline as to where they succeed and where they may falter, if anywhere.  This can help you as you try to justify the price tag of central air conditioning for your Jacksonville, FL home.

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