One of the hardest decisions that a homeowner has to make when they have settled on seeking out a permanent air conditioning solution is trying to decide between ductless air conditioning and traditional central air conditioning. The traditional central air conditioning system has been around for years now. The way that these works is that you have a condenser outside that is pumping cold air into and throughout the entire home. The air travels through ducts that are placed in the walls, in an attic, among other places so that the ducts will blow cold air in all of the areas of the home that you want. Ductless air conditioning is a bit newer in terms of its development. These essentially deliver the same performance as a central air conditioning system, minus the ducts. These units are built into a wall and have the condenser and all of that in one unit that then delivers cold air into your home.

Air conditioning Jacksonville consumers have struggled with the decision of deciding between ductless air conditioning and traditional central air conditioning for a little while now. You want to factor in the cost difference between the two, going with ducts and no ducts, as well as some unique factors. These unique factors start with the style of your home as it can really impact your overall decision.

Ducts vs. No Ducts

As we stated, the biggest difference between ductless air conditioning and traditional central air conditioning is that one has ducts and one has no ducts. In the event that you have a forced hot air system in your home, you probably already have ducts in place. If you do not, the ducts are going to have to be run. Some people, if they do not have ducts, may not want to have all of this work done and see ducts coming out of ceilings and walls. This is a factor you are going to have to take into account when making your air conditioning Jacksonville decision.

Factoring the Cost

There is a cost factor that you want to take into account when deciding on your ideal air conditioning Jacksonville solution. You probably are going into the air conditioning project with a budget in mind. In the event that your home does not have ducts already, the installation of a traditional central air conditioning system is probably going to outweigh that of a ductless air conditioning system. This is because of the added installation costs that you have to expect to run the ducts and get the air to all of the areas of your home that need it. If you are on a budget, ductless air conditioning is probably going to win out.

The Style of the Home Matters

The style of the home also matters in a big way. When you think about your home, you want to factor in just how open the home really is. Do you have multiple floors in your home? Are some rooms really segmented off from others? When you have ductless air conditioning, the air is coming from that one ductless unit. In the event you have multiple floors to your home and segmented rooms, you may need more than one unit. With traditional central air conditioning, you just use one unit, but run ducts to all of these different floors and areas. You have to factor in what works best for your home when deciding on air conditioning in Jacksonville.

Making a Decision

So where does that leave you in terms of making a final decision? Rather than trying to decide on your own, it is usually best to consult with an expert. We are going to be here for you every step of the way to provide you with consultation and/or advice about what decision you should make. The goal is to make your home as comfortable and as cool as possible and we can make that a reality. It is all about deciding on what system works best for you when you factor in budget, home style, and everything else.

Ductless and traditional central air conditioning Jacksonville systems are both great solutions for homeowners. Making the decision between one or the other is not an easy task, but when you start to break down each solution you may find that one just makes that much more sense for your home than the other does. In the end, no matter which you choose, you’ll be far more comfortable with air conditioning in Jacksonville than without.

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