You always want to treat your air conditioning Jacksonville FL system as an investment. When you make the decision to add a central air conditioning system to your home, you are committing to that system, to take care of it, and work to be sure that it can continue to operate effectively and efficiently.

Due to the massive investment that goes into a central air conditioning system, you want to leave the care of the system in the hands of the professionals at J&W Heating and Air. We have years of experience and skilled, knowledgeable technicians that are going to be able to understand your system, and it’s needs, and address all of that in a timely fashion as part of one of our top-quality maintenance plans.

The Energy Savings Program

The maintenance plans that we offer at J&W Heating and Air all fall under what is known as our ESP or Energy Saving Program. Your central air conditioning Jacksonville FL system is going to be putting in a lot of work throughout those hot and humid summer months. You want it working at its peak performance, while not having to put too much stress on the system or use energy in a reckless manner.

The goal of our Energy Savings Program is to get your system on a maintenance plan where we can work with you to care for the system. Analysis has shown that when you have a system that is well maintained to run at an energy-efficient rate, you should be able to reduce the energy usage of that system by as much as 25%. This also equates to 25% fewer costs associated with running your system as well.

Options Available

To determine what Energy Savings Program is going to be best suited for you, you want to have a firm understanding of the different options that you have at your disposal. We have maintenance plans under the Energy Saving Program umbrella that are Platinum, Silver, as well as Bronze levels. The Platinum level is going to be the highest of the three and will be the most comprehensive of the programs. This level of maintenance plan will do everything that you get with the Silver and the Bronze option, but will also include things such as cleaning the indoor coil of the system, treating the indoor air movement system with the biocide to help prevent mold, as well as special care of the condensation drain pan.

The Silver and Bronze levels of service are also top-notch and will include things such s inspection and cleaning of the system and its main components. We will always work to check the refrigerant charge and pressures, as well as clean out the water removal system. Making sure electrical connections and voltage absorption components are working will also be something we will always take care of.

The Level of Maintenance

The level of the maintenance plan that you want is going to be dependent on how much care you want for your system. Your central air conditioning Jacksonville FL system is an investment, so it may make sense to go with the Platinum plan, try and drive down your energy costs and usage, as well as elongate the lifespan of your system. If the price is too steep, the Sliver and the Bronze options are also there to provide a quality level of care as well.

The maintenance plans that we offer at J&W Heating and Air are top-notch through our Energy Saving Program. Our goal is to keep your central air conditioning Jacksonville FL system running strong through those hot and humid summer months. This can help keep your system running efficiently and also help you avoid downtime and the need for emergency repairs.

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