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Do I Need To Have My Business’ HVAC Unit Replaced?

The HVAC system that you have for your business is an asset that you place a great deal of reliance on.  Think about how much you really do rely on that HVAC system to help keep your office space as cool and comfortable as possible.  Without that HVAC system you probably are not going to be able to get much work done when it is extremely hot and humid in those summer months of July and August.  As a business owner you want to be very proactive in terms of when you pull the trigger on replacing an HVAC unit.  Waiting too long or acting too quickly can lead to waste in terms of wasted energy, and wastes expenses.  HVAC units are not cheap so you want to be sure the time is right when you finally make the decision that you want to replace the unit.


So what should you be looking out for in terms of trying to figure out if you should have that HVAC unit replaced entirely?  We have our technicians ready at all times for a phone call so that we can come out to your business and do a full assessment.  Our HVAC replacement Jacksonville FL team can help get you set up with a new HVAC unit in no time at all.  As a business owner, though, there are things that you really can look out for on your own so that you can have a good idea as to when that HVAC unit is going to need to be swapped out for a new one.


Think the Age of the HVAC Unit


The first indicator that you’re in need of an HVAC replacement Jacksonville FL is that you simply cannot remember the age of your HVAC unit.  This probably means that the unit is extremely old.  When you have a unit that is this old it is not going to be able to run as effectively and/or as efficiently as a new unit would be able to.  When you look at Energy Star, what they recommend in terms of energy efficiency gains is that you think about replacing your HVAC unit if it is more than 10-years old.  You could have a 15-year old HVAC unit that is running fine, but that does not mean that it is very efficient.  It may be cheaper over the long-haul to just have that unit replaced right out of the gate.


Lacking Performance


Another sign that you may be in need of an HVAC replacement Jacksonville FL is that the HVAC unit is just not doing what you want it to do.  An HVAC unit is supposed to serve the purpose of being able to cool your office space in your place of business.  What happens when it is no longer able to do that?  What good is it in terms of an asset if it cannot carry out the core function that it is intended to carry out?  When the HVAC unit no longer has the ability to produce the cool air that you are looking for from it, this could mean that it needs a major repair or an outright replacement.


Repairs Mounting


Do you have a lot of repairs that are going to be needed in the short-term with the HVAC unit?  This could also be a sign that you may be better off just replacing it.  This is especially the case if you have an older HVAC unit.  Just because you replace everything now, what you may find is that you will run into other issues shortly down the line that are also going to have to be addressed.
An HVAC unit serves a major purpose for any business operating in the Jacksonville, FL area.  When you have an effective and efficient HVAC unit you are really going to enjoy the benefits that it brings to the table in terms of creating cool and comfortable work space.  When that HVAC unit starts to break down though you want to react in a timely fashion so that you can get that unit working again as you would want it to.  We can work with you so that you can replace that HVAC unit in a timely fashion and get the new unit up and running in no time at all.

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