Energy Audit Companies Near Me in Jacksonville, FL

Put simply, an energy audit is a procedure during which an auditor thoroughly examines your home and your HVAC system using specialized tools in order to determine where your home is losing energy. The goal of an energy audit is to pinpoint those problem areas so that further action can be taken to resolve your efficiency problems. Many homeowners may not be aware of the extent to which their home is losing energy, and a quality energy audit can really be an eye opener. Contact J & W Heating and Air today with any questions you may have.

The Jacksonville, FL energy audit experts at J & W Heating and Air offer quality services throughout the Jacksonville area.

What Does an Energy Audit in Jacksonville, FL Entail?

A home energy audit in Jacksonville, FL is a pretty involved process. Ultimately, the goal is to determine where exactly energy is being wasted in your home so that you can make the adjustments necessary in order to use energy more efficiently. Only a professional HVAC technician can ensure that every step of the process is completed properly for a thorough assessment of your energy use.

Generally speaking, your home energy efficiency will be evaluated by first determining base energy consumption. This will require an examination of fuel bills. Any information you can give your technician about problems with your HVAC system will help to determine precisely what must be done to save energy. Then the exterior and interior of the system must be inspected, and what is known as a blower door test will be completed. This involves sealing up the house and using a powerful fan to pull air out of it, lowering the pressure within. The results of the test will help to establish how well sealed your home actually is. There are many other ways in which efficiency may be inspected, including thermodynamics and smoke pens, so give us a call today if you have questions about the details of an energy audit in Jacksonville, FL.

Ways to Save Energy in Jacksonville, FL

Not all energy saving measures have to be very major. Sure, if we find that your ductwork is leaking we may suggest that you schedule professional duct sealing. It may also be advisable to invest in a new heating or cooling system if your existing one is simply in no condition to operate efficiently any longer. We have some great tips for you about simple ways in which to boost energy efficiency in your home too, though. Here are a few to consider from the Jacksonville, FL home energy efficiency pros on our team.

  • During the hottest time of the year you may want to put up shrink wrap or plastic sheeting over your windows in order to cool your home more efficiently.
  • Installing simple weather stripping materials in window and door frames can also give your efficiency a boost.
  • If you are interested in investing in an upgrade to you HVAC system, ask us about energy recovery. With the right energy recovery ventilator or a basic HRV system, you can prevent a fair amount of energy loss while ventilating your home.


To learn more about home energy audits in Jacksonville, FL, just call J & W Heating and Air. We are happy to help you live in a more efficient, comfortable home. A good energy audit is a great first step.