Proper sizing of an air conditioning unit is pivotal. If you go with a unit too big or too small, it will just not perform at the efficiency level you expect. Whether you are planning to replace an existing air conditioning unit or go with a brand-new installation sizing is crucial. Our team of HVAC professionals in Jacksonville, FL is here to help you nail unit sizing to ensure peak performance!

Benefits of a Properly Sized Unit

There are many benefits to an appropriately sized air conditioning unit. The first and most apparent is lower energy costs. When you have a unit sized for your home, you will be able to rely on it to do the cooling, while not wasting energy along the way. Comfort level is also worth mentioning. A right-size air conditioning unit will be able to help get your home to a comfortable temperature and keep it long-term. Finally, moisture control also is a factor. An air conditioning unit should help to reduce humidity inside the home. Units too big or too small will not excel in that area.

Factors Leading to the Size

What are the factors that lead to the size of an air conditioning unit? The unit sizing goes above and beyond just figuring out the square footage of the home! The local climate is undoubtedly going to play a factor. Two houses of the same size, one in Florida and the other in Massachusetts will need very different air conditioning units.

The configuration of rooms inside the home also factors into the size. A house that is wide open, versus one with many smaller rooms, will weigh on unit sizing. Humidity levels of the climate, and the number of doors and windows will also play a role.

It could even come down to details such as the direction your home faces, and where the sun rises and sets about the home. Insulation, appliances, and other detailed nuances may impact the calculation.

Reliance on a Professional

You want to have a reliable HVAC professional in Jacksonville, FL to handle size. The process of getting the right size for an air conditioning unit is not a do-it-yourself effort. Quality companies like ours at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing should be taking into account all factors mentioned above! The focus should be on performance and quality so you can rely on your system in the near and long term.

Whether you are replacing an aging HVAC system or going with a new installation, comfort is critical. You want the new system to perform at an adequate level while using as little energy as possible. The team at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing wants to get your air conditioning unit sizing perfect! Give us a call so we can come to your home and do a full assessment. Taking into account the critical factors, we will work to size your home and unit correctly.

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