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Five Things to Do When Your Air Conditioning System Breaks

It is all about preparation when you are talking about the summer months and the steps you need to take for air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL.  Inevitably you or someone that you know is going to run into some kind of issue with their air conditioning system.  It is important to have an awareness and an idea as to what you should do in the event that your air conditioning system breaks down.  We at J&W Heating and Air are always there as a resource, but there are also some good first steps you can take on your own to help to reduce a small problem from turning into a big one and get your system back up and running quickly.


Stop Trying to Use the Unit

In the event that your air conditioning system has broken down, the first thing that you should do is to stop using the unit out of the gate.  The more you try and fire up the unit the more likely that you are that you could actually damage it further.  This is rare in most cases, but if the unit is still able to run at limited capacity, running it in that manner could cause whatever component that is damaged from being broken that much more.  You want to stop using the unit and start to figure out how to fix it rather than ignoring it and seeing if it keeps on chugging along.


Find the Model and Serial Number

Tracking down the model and the serial number of your indoor and your outdoor units for the air conditioner is important.  When you reach out to us at J&W Heating and Air for assistance, or you start to research parts and that stuff, you need this information.  It is typically readily available as a stick on the back side of the units.  Have this information at the ready when you start the process of trying to fix the broken unit.  Even if you want to sign your unit up for air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL, this is valuable information to have handy at all times.


Check the Warranty

Some of the air conditioning systems out there come with pretty extensive warranties.  Even if you have an older unit, it could carry a 10-year warranty or so for some of the components of it.  Check the warranty of your particular unit so that you can see if you have anything covered as part of it that could pertain to your repair job.  Air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL can help to prevent these kinds of issues, but the warranty is another catch that can help you should something go wrong with the system.


Reach Out to the Professionals

The next thing you want to do is to reach out to the professionals.  We at J&W Heating and Air are ready for your phone call so that we can take action and get your system repaired.  Our goal is to work to get your air conditioning system back up and running at full capacity.  The quicker that you reach out to us, the sooner that is going to be able to happen.  We have licensed and trained technicians that know how to work with any make and model of your air conditioner that you may have.  Reach out to us with that basic model information and we can get right to work.


Check for Rebates and Tax Credits

Some towns will give you rebates and tax credits may also be available in the event that you end up replacing your air conditioning unit or units with something more energy efficient.  These types of energy efficiency credits can help to reduce the cost of getting your air conditioning back to where you want it to be.

When an air conditioning system breaks in the summer months in Florida, it is not pretty to say the least.  Air conditioning is absolutely essential for comfort within the home and the workplace and we at J&W Heating and Air understand that.  Whether it is us repairing a broken system or working with you on air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL, the goal is always to keep your system running effectively and efficiently.

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