Anyone who has lived through a hot Florida summer knows the value of a quality air conditioner. There is a lot to buying an air conditioner though. If you just walk into one of the big box retailers and grab one off of the shelf, you could be doing a major disservice to your home. You need to plan ahead to be sure that you are getting the perfect air conditioning unit for your home. This means that it is going to be an effective unit to help accomplish its goal of keeping your home cool and comfortable in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

So what are the areas that you should be focusing on when you choose your air conditioner? Step one is to understand that there is no one size fits with air conditioners. You’re also going to want to focus on the energy factor, as well as installation, control options, and quality. As long as you pay attention to these key areas, you are likely going to end up with the perfect air conditioner for your home. This can help make those hot July and August months in Jacksonville, FL a bit more bearable.

One Size Does Not Fit Every Room

The first factor that you have to keep in mind is that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to air conditioners. If you end up with an air conditioner that is too mall, it is not going to be able to do an adequate job to cool the room. if the air conditioner is too big then you are going to find that the humidity level of the room is going to end up all out of whack due to the cycling of the unit and the cooling happening as far too quick of a rate. This can leave a room feeling very damp and clammy overall.

The goal should be to have a room air conditioner that is the right size based on your room. You want to focus on the rating of the air conditioner from a BUT sense to make sure that the size of your room lines up with what the air conditioner is rated to do. Central air conditioners fall in the same area so talk to your professional to see what central air unit is going to be appropriate for your home.

The Energy Factor

You do not want to forget about energy when it comes to air conditioners. Every air conditioner is going to consume a certain amount of energy on an annual basis. Some air conditioners, though, are simply going to perform more efficiently from an energy perspective than others. When you are shopping for the right unit for your home check the energy ratings that the unit has and try and find a balance between price point, size of the unit, and energy efficiency.


The installation also has to be a consideration when it comes to your air conditioner. Once you make a decision on the right window, ductless, or central air unit, have the plan to get it installed. This is likely going to entail looping in a professional in the air conditioner space in the Jacksonville, FL area. Do-it-yourselfers out there may find themselves running into issues when they try and take on these tasks on their own.


You want to have control over your air conditioner. Be sure that the unit that you are buying is going to be able to give you the level of control that you are looking for. This means allowing you to set a temperature and let the air conditioning unit work to get to that temperature and then cycle off. This can help in the energy efficiency department.


You also want to have a quality air conditioner. See what warranties are going to come with whatever unit you are checking out. Make sure that what you are buying is going to be backed by the supplier and the manufacturer so that you can have peace of mind over your purchase.

Buying an air conditioner can be quite an investment in the overall comfort level of your home. Doing your homework and determining the appropriate air conditioning unit for your home is a worthwhile activity. It is going to lead to a home that is comfortable and cool in those hot summer months.

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