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Here’s What to Expect from a Home Energy Audit

Customers do not always know what to expect when they call on us to perform a home energy audit. There are a lot of misconceptions around what a home energy audit exactly is. Some people think it is just us coming out and doing some regular assessments to tell you where home upgrades are needed. Others believe it is a complete waste of time and money and that no value can be gained from it. You should have realistic and foundational expectations when it comes to a home energy audit. The more that you know what toe expect ahead of time, the more value that can be derived from it.

A home heating Nocatee FL system, an air conditioning system, your home windows, roof, all can benefit from what a home energy audit can reveal. It is all about the knowledge that you have as a homeowner. You may think that your home is this marvel of energy efficiency, but what are those beliefs based on? Is it just because the energy bills that you get month to month are consistent? Do you get used to having an inefficient home essentially, and as a result start to think of it as actually being energy efficient?


Revelations Galore


The biggest thing that you should expect from a home energy audit is revelations galore. Our team of professionals is highly trained to come in and review homes from top to bottom. We want to look at everything from your heating Nocatee FL system to the air conditioning system, to your roof and windows. The more that we review in your home, the more information that we are going to be able to give back to you.

You should expect to receive a lot of knowledge from a home energy audit, a vast number of revelations. These are going to be items that you are going to be able to take and run with in action-oriented perspective. We want to give you things that you can work on, real information that can be implemented in short order so that you can get big gains quickly.


Measurable Action Items


Measurable action items are also something that you should expect from a home energy audit. When we talk measurable action items, what we are referring to are things such as expectations that you should have in the event some work is done. Take aging windows for example or a heating Nocatee FL system that is beyond repair. Replacing these assets can help you increase the energy efficiency of your home by 20%. This is a measurable action item, something that you can do and then assess exactly how much energy efficiency you will gain as a result of following it through.


Detailed Reviews


Attention to detail is pivotal as part of any home energy audit. We understand that, and it is why we spend so much time looking at your air conditioning, your heating Nocatee FL systems. We want to hone in on the significant areas such as your exterior doors, your windows, the roof, siding. The more that we focus in and strive to get every detail possible, the more we will be able to reveal to you that you are going to be able to take and honestly run with.


Home energy audits are some of the most valuable things that you can ever have completed for you as homeowners. When you own a home, your goal should be to live in that home and do so in an inexpensive manner. Wasting money on energy bills that are unnecessary is just not a smart way to be. The more aware you are about areas where you can get energy efficiency gains, the better off you will be, and our home energy audit can assist.

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