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Home Energy Audit for Spring

When you think about the end of the winter and the beginning of spring, spring cleaning is probably the first thing that begins to come to mind.  This is when we begin to get rid of the cold weather and welcome in sunnier days that are warmer and brighter all around.  We clean our houses, unload old junk, and get ready to start fresh again as the great weather begins to roll in.  One thing that is often forgotten about when spring rolls around is energy efficiency.  A home energy audit Jacksonville is a chance for you to take care of your home from an energy efficiency perspective as well and learn a great deal.  


We at J&W Heating and Air offer services through our energy audit experts.  We have a team that is trained and has a great deal of experience in looking into energy efficiency opportunities to try and find you ways to make your home run that much cleaner.  When you are talking about energy efficiency you are talking about saving money on energy monthly and also making your home that much greener.  We all want our homes to be energy efficient so that our heating and/or cooling equipment does not have to work overtime, we do not have to pay for unnecessary energy bills, and also to keep our homes as comfortable as we can.  A home energy audit can help to accomplish all of these goals.


What is an Energy Audit?


So what is a home energy audit Jacksonville and how is it going to help you as a homeowner?  Well we all know what an auditor is.  A home energy audit Jacksonville is when an auditor that is trained in the energy space comes into your home and examines everything from top to bottom.  The goal of the home energy audit Jacksonville is to try and figure out different areas where your home is actually losing energy.  Think about a window that maybe has too much of a draft and is thus letting energy in and out of it.  This is something that a home energy auditor is going to identify.  


The goal of any home energy audit Jacksonville is to try and find problem areas where action can be taken.  When these problem areas are identified the goal is to try and get the action taken as soon as possible.  


Acting on an Energy Audit


There really is a lot to a home energy audit Jacksonville, probably far more than you think there is.  WHen you identify all of the energy that is being wasted in a home you are then able to figure out ways to combat the energy loss.  A professional technician can help you in every step of the way as they do an assessment of how exactly you use energy and how much you are losing.


It all starts with figuring out how much energy you should be consuming given the size of your home, how many people live there, the equipment you have, and so on.  From there the actual energy that you use is analyzed.  The excess is what is potentially the waste.  When we pinpoint the areas of the waste, that is when we can come up with a plan to try and combat that waste as much as we can.  


Gaining Energy Efficiency


There are many easy ways that you can help yourself with energy efficiency gains.  Things such as covering your windows to help keep your home cool on those very hot days in the summer, using weather stripping materials for window and door frames, these are simple things that can really make a world of a difference.  
The goal here is really education.  As a homeowner the more that you are aware of where your home stands from an energy efficiency perspective, the better off you are going to be.  When you are aware that is when you are going to be able to really take action.  We at J&W Heating and Air can help you every step of the way.  Our home energy audit Jacksonville services can include a full assessment of where your home stands and also help you come up with plans to achieve energy efficiency gains.  This is all in the spirit of making your home run as clean and as green as possible and save you money on energy bills monthly.

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