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Why Your Home Needs Humidity this Winter

This may seem completely counter to everything that you thought you knew about home temperature, but humidity can be a positive thing.  Yes, indeed!  Humidity can play a role in the heating of your home, especially during the winter months.  While in the summer it is not an ideal thing, due to the sticky feeling that it gives you, the winter can fall under the opposite side.  Our Jacksonville energy audit professionals can help you measure relative humidity within the home and work to give you ideas to adjust it as well.


The Way Heat Feels


The heat feeling inside the home is largely going to be dependent on humidity levels.  Have you ever heard of the term “dry heat?”  It could be 80 degrees one day, then 95 degrees the next.  The 95 degree day may feel more comfortable though due to less humidity.  


Humidity is a measure of the moisture that exists within the air inside of the home.  When you have air that is full of moisture, it is going to feel humid because it is saturated.  It cannot hold any more moisture than it already has.  Saturated air is what is going to increase the home’s humidity levels.  


The condensation you see on humid days is due to the heat coming up against cold items, and the moisture is released from the air as a result.  Water cannot evaporate as quickly because there simply is no space for it when humidity levels are that high.


The Factor During Winter


So why is it that humidity can be a good thing during the winter months?  Humidity can help to make a home that is being heated feel that much warmer.  It is that cozy feeling when it is freezing outside, and the house is being heated.  You want to balance out the humidity levels inside of your home in winter so that it is not too sticky, but also to avoid just bare dry heat, which is not going to warm you quite as much.


One of the things that we try to do with our Jacksonville energy audit professionals is to gauge just where humidity is inside of the home.  On an average day, what are the humidity levels that you can expect to face?  Humidity levels that are adequately regulated can help to avoid dry throats and cracked skin.  When the home has a lot of dry heat, these types of ailments are going to be far more widespread.


Humidity can play a significant role in the overall comfort level of your home.  In the summer, it is not ideal, but during the winter months, there can be a regular benefit from it.  Your comfort level, as well as your health, can get some gains when humidity is properly regulated inside the home.  Our Jacksonville energy audit professionals can help in the quest towards the ideal humidity state.  When the air gets overly cold, humidity can be a big benefit for you and your family.

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