Does Your Home have the Right Amount of Insulation? -

Does Your Home have the Right Amount of Insulation?

As the owners of homes, we often do not always think the right way about how to deal with a home that is too cold or too hot. In the winter months, when it gets too cold inside of the home, our immediate reaction is to turn up the heat. We think that it is just not high enough to get us to the temperature we want. In the summer it works in the opposite direction, turning the temperature down so that the air conditioning can put in the extra work needed to cool the home. Is your home too hot because of your residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system, though, or is the insulation to blame?

The Insulation Factor

The insulation factor is not the first thing that we usually think about as homeowners when we are working on the temperature regulation of our home, but it should be. So many homes that were built 20, 30, even 40-years ago simply have insulation that is just not adequate any longer. Technology has changed. Think about what residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL systems looked like 30-years ago. Would you install that same system today or would you go with a more current model?

Too often we are stuck relying on the insulation that we have without doing anything about it. When we work proactively to make a determination if that insulation is adequate, it is then that we can come to some realization about what we should do.

The Energy Audit

A home energy audit is a service that we provide at J&W Heating and Air, and it can be a powerful exercise to go through. When we conduct a home energy audit at your residence, we are going to be looking at all of the ways that you can be losing out on the heating and cooling that your systems are generating. What are some of the ways that air is being allowed to just slip in and out of the home? We not only look at the windows, the roof, as well as the doors, but also the insulation.

When we take a look at the adequacy of your insulation we are going to be working to try to make a determination for you around how powerful it is. Do you have enough insulation there so that your central air conditioning system can do what it needs to do, without having to work extra?

Saving on Energy Costs

Adequate insulation is going to help you ensure that you can save on energy costs month-to-month. Research has found that the return on investment from having insulation replaced in your attic is the highest of any home improvement activity. This is not because it ups the value of your home as much, but it is instead because of the energy savings that it is going to bring to the table. When you have proper insulation, your residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system is going to be able to take a bit of a break, not have to work as hard, to generate the same cold air that it is generating now.

Insulation needs to be factored into every decision you make as a homeowner when you are talking about heating or cooling of the home. When you have insulation that is inadequate, you want to know this so that you do not take action in a way that is not going to be a value-add for the home. You may not need a bigger residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system; you may just need to have new insulation added to the home! Let us help you make that determination before you throw money out the window.

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