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How Can I Reduce My Energy Bill?

There are so many steps that we all try to take on a monthly basis to cut down on our day to day bills.  This includes trying to reduce our takeout, finding cheaper gas prices, and just not spending money on things that are not truly needed.  It is all about reducing waste.  One area where you have the opportunity to save a great deal of money, but may have overlooked the area in the past, has to do with your home energy bills.  We spend so much money every single month on things such as paying for heating and cooling our homes that you can easily begin to lose sight of where savings potentials may exist.  What we can do with our Jacksonville energy audit services is to assist you in assessing your home and cutting down waste as much as possible.


What an Energy Audit Is


So what exactly is a home Jacksonville energy audit and how is it going to really help you?  When you think about a Jacksonville energy audit you have to think of it as an assessment of how your home burns energy on a daily basis.  From the start of the day to the close, how is your using energy and where are some areas where that energy usage can actually be reduced?


This all starts with a baseline approach that we take when we look at all of the homes we analyze.  We have a general idea as to just how much energy a home should use on a daily basis when you think about its size, the type of heating or air conditioning that the home has, its age, and so on.  We then work to compare that to the energy that your home actually uses.  The excess that your home uses is essentially the waste and that is precisely what we want to work to try and get rid of.


Taking Action


Once we perform our Jacksonville energy audit service what we are going to do is to come up with some ideas and areas that can be focused in on to try and reduce energy usage month to month.  A perfect example could be a particular room in the home with a window that has a very big draft, thus allowing air to flow right through it.  This could be an area of major waste that we can identify and work to try and come up with a plan to correct.  Another example could be an aging roof, poor home insulation, and so on.  


The whole idea of a Jacksonville energy audit is to target and hone in on those waste areas.  The more that we are going to be able to identify for you and give you ideas on as to how to correct, the more action you will be able to take to reduce those bills drastically month to month.  
Reducing your energy bill in your home is not just about turning down the air conditioning or heating system.  You should be able to live comfortably in your home while still saving money on energy costs.  This is exactly what a Jacksonville energy audit hopes to allow you to achieve.  With the audit that we perform on homes what we will be able to do is a full assessment of your home from top to bottom.  Once that is complete we can work with you to take action and the necessary steps that will start to drive down that energy bill month to month while maintaining the comfort of your home.

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