Over the past few decades, there have been so many advances in how you can actually cool or heat your home. When you are talking about heating your home, what most people immediately begin to think about is heating their home with an oil burner, or a furnace. Many others will think of how propane can be utilized to heat the home, among other things. One of the more popular methods for heating a home that continues to gain momentum though is that of a heat pump. A heat pump is something that is not quite as well-known, but those that have them in their home, rave about the effectiveness and efficiency of what these units can accomplish.

We at J&W Heating and Air continue to install heat pumps on a regular basis. The great thing about them is that they can be set up right along with a quality central air conditioning system. Our team of experts has the ability to not only help with the initial installation of the heat pump but also with the periodic maintenance that is needed as time goes by. Heat pumps are something that you should strongly consider as a homeowner due to the efficiency that they provide, along with the quality of heat.

Understanding What Heat Pump Is

So what exactly is a heat pump that you have installed in your home? When you think about a heat pump, the best way to think about it is as a mechanical compression cycle refrigeration system. Essentially what you have here is a system that has the ability to do one of two things. The compressor that you usually have installed to help you get the cool air you want from your central air conditioning system is now also going to be utilized to help you get heat as well. When you have this type of unit in place, the compressor is going to take the refrigerant that it has and begin to work with it to actually release heat rather than cool air.

How the Heat Pump Functions

When you think about a heat pump, think about air conditioning in Jacksonville that can also create heat on top of the cool air. Whenever there is air, there is going to be heat energy that is present with it. A heat pump is going to transport air at a constant rate through the ducts in your home. From one room to another that heat is going to continue to move and as it does this it is going to work to give you all of the hot air that it can generate.

A heat pump is going to work in conjunction with the cold air the air conditioning Jacksonville can also create. When it is cold outside the heat pump is going to take all of the outside heat and pushes it inside the home, leaving the cold air outside. Vice versa, when it is warm outside, the air conditioner is going to work in the reverse direction and essentially remove all of the hot air that it can.

Gains in Energy Efficiency

One of the best things about a heat pump that works with your air conditioning in Jacksonville is that you get a lot of gains in the energy efficiency department. When you have a heat pump you are going to have a unit that works off of electricity essentially. This is going to allow you to have heat without consuming any fuel at all. This means no oil is being burned, no propane, and you still end up with quality heat.

Heat pumps are the ideal solution for those that are living in a climate such as that of Jacksonville, FL. When you add a heat pump to your air conditioning Jacksonville system what you are going to get is comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside. The heat pumps are an integral part of any cooling and heating system in the home and can provide you with the level of comfort you seek at an efficient price point, thinking about energy consumption, month to month.

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