How Other Aspects of Your Home Impact Your Air Conditioning

Your home is far more complicated than you probably give it credit for when it comes to just how much the various assets that make up your home have an impact on one another.  This is especially the case when you are talking about your residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system. Your air conditioning system can and is impacted by so many different aspects of your home, whether it be the windows, the roof, your insulation, exterior doors, as well as other assets.  It is the way in which these other aspects of the home work to complement your residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system that can make all of the difference.


The Impact of Aging Windows

When was the last time you thought about the age of the windows in your home?  Do you know how up to date your windows are or how they are performing from an energy efficiency perspective?  Do you have older single-pane windows?  These are all of the questions that you should be asking yourself as the owner of a home as they can all have a major impact on residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL.


Aging windows are something that you always want to focus on as they can be truly detrimental to the efficiency and the effectiveness of your air conditioning system.  Think about a home that has a brand new air conditioning system, but windows that are 20-years old or more.  These windows are going to be letting in drafts, doing very little to block out the heat rays of the sun.  What does this mean for your air conditioning system?  What this means is that the new system you just spent thousands to install is not going to be able to operate as efficiently as it should be, costing you more to run the unit and also limiting its ability to cool your home to its liking.


An Older Roof

The roof of your home can also impact your air conditioning system.  When you have an older roof what you are going to be lacking is insulation from that roof.  This means that the cool air that your residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system is creating has the ability to go right up and out of the roof of your home.  Very similar to the windows, you are losing out on that comfortable air and the system is going to have to cycle on more frequently and work harder to get you to the temperature you want the system to be at.  New roofs help to eliminate this problem so that you can have improved insulation and more consistent air temperature in the home.


Attic and Wall Insulation

What is the status of the insulation in your attic and in your walls?  Do you know the last time your insulation was looked at fairly closely?  Similar to aging windows and an aging roof, poor insulation can have all of those negative impacts on your home as well.  Have an insulation professional come out to see what can be done to improve this to help your residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system with its overall performance.


Other Assets to Pay Attention To

There are plenty of other assets to pay attention to that can also impact your air conditioning system.  This includes the air ducts and the registers that work to deliver all of the cool air to the home, your exterior entry doors, garage doors, among other things.
What can be done is what is known as an energy audit.  We at J&W Heating and Air can complete one of these to help you identify assets in your home that are being detrimental to the efficiency and effectiveness of your residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system.  One of these audits can be eye-opening as to just how much waste is going on with your system as a result of the other aspects of your home that impact it.  When you invest so much in a new air conditioning system it is best to make sure your home is also up to date to allow the system to work as effectively and efficiently as it was intended to.

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