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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air in our homes is probably something that does not get enough attention from you and the rest of your family.  You live in your home, you breathe in the air that is in there probably more than any other place, even the outdoor fresh air.  What is the quality level though of all of that air that you are taking in and how can you go about trying to improve it?

There are steps that you can take in order to ensure that the air quality you are breathing in daily is of the highest quality.  This starts with what is known as an energy audit Jacksonville and concludes with some proactive steps that come out of such an audit.  We at J&W Heating and Air take a great deal of pride in this service we provide as it is intended to improve the air quality, your health, your comfort level, and your overall quality of life in the home.


What an Energy Audit Identifies

The whole idea behind an energy audit Jacksonville is to take a very close look at where your home stands from an energy efficiency perspective as well as an air quality perspective.  When we come out to a home to do an energy audit Jacksonville what we are looking for is areas where things can be improved with your central air conditioning, your heating system, air ducts, windows, the roof, anything that can be detrimental to the energy efficiency of the home and its related indoor air quality.


The things that we are able to identify as a result of our energy audit Jacksonville work are typically pretty eye opening to the vast majority of homeowners.  You may not have any idea that your air ducts are as clogged up as they are with dust and such.  You may not know that your air filter is aging and is largely blocked, or that your registers are starting to restrict airflow into the home.  The same goes for your windows and roof as these are things that you may not know have issues impacting the home.


Taking the Necessary Steps

The steps that you should be taking as a result of the energy audit Jacksonville are going to be based on our guidance.  It come be something as simple as having your air ducts and your registers professionally cleaned that is going to make all of the difference in the world in making sure that the air quality gets improved upon timely.


It may take a bit more than air duct cleaning as recommendations could also include upgrading of your HVAC system entirely, taking care of some windows that could have some major drafts and other problems going on, among other things.  The important takeaway here is that you are acting upon the necessary steps that require effort on your part.  Poor indoor air quality can truly be detrimental to the health of everyone in the home and can result in respiratory problems, allergy triggers, and illness.
We all want our homes to have the highest level of air quality as possible, but we normally do not all know the best way to go about accomplishing that.  This is where we come in at J&W Heating and Air with our energy audit Jacksonville work that we complete.  When you reach out to us and we schedule an energy audit our intent is to help you identify areas where things are working well as well as areas where things can be improved upon.  It is this level of detailed work and the action steps that come out as a result of the work that can help lead your home towards higher air quality and all of the health benefits that go along with it.

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