We all want to reduce the monthly bills showing up in our mailbox. With credit cards, energy bills, and mortgages, they seem endless. What if you were able to lower one of those bills monthly without changing your quality of life? The realization can happen in the summer when you pay attention to energy usage and work to drive that bill down. Our home energy audit Jacksonville team has plenty of strategies to help make your summer energy bill trend downward instead of up.

Start With a Home Energy Audit

You always want to start with a home energy audit. A home energy audit is something we have a team of professionals executes by coming out to the home and reviewing energy usage. We will look to see how well the house is insulated and how the roof and windows are acting.

The goal of a home energy audit is to determine just how efficient the household is compared to the energy it is using. Is your home is wasting energy? One of our audits can help to identify that and also give you action items that you can work towards.

Addressing Items on the Report

When we hand you the energy audit report, we want to give you things you can work on. You want to discuss some of the items on the report based on their level of importance. What is most important for you to take on right away? Was the revelation made on your home windows? Were they wasting energy left and right? Perhaps the problem point was the central air conditioning system that you are running day in and day out. Has the unit been tuned up lately to help it run better? The air ducts could be another easy problem area if they have not been routinely cleaned for years.

Take Action, Grab Low-Hanging Fruit

You can take action by grabbing what we like to call the low-hanging fruit. These are the easy victories that can go a long way in helping to reduce energy usage in the home. Think of low-hanging fruit as a tune-up of your central air conditioning system. It is not going to take much from a time or resource perspective to get one of our pros out to tune up the system. It can make a big difference in its performance across the board. Another excellent example is only turning the temperature of your central air conditioning system up a few degrees when you are not home, to save on how hard it has to work.

Upgrade the Air Conditioning

It is time to get rid of those old window air conditioning units and move to something that is more effective and far more energy efficient. We want to come out to your home and help you understand what is possible with a central air conditioning system, how you can benefit from it, and explain just how easy it can be to get it added to your home. The first step to keeping cool this summer is to get a central air conditioning system, as it will prove its weight in the cool and fresh air, as well as energy savings, as soon as you start using it.

Scheduling a Tune-Up Early

The biggest tip that we always have as one of the premiere air conditioning companies Jacksonville homeowners rely on is to schedule a tune-up early. If you have a central air conditioning system, get on our calendar before August comes around, and it is 100 degrees and humid outside each day. You want that tune-up to be done before the big season hits, and you are putting a lot of pressure on your system.

Get on the calendars of our professionals so that we can come out to your home and completely check over your system, where everything stands with the components, and so on. The great thing about a tune-up is that you should have nothing to worry about when it comes time actually to use the system. Once you flip it on when you need it, the tune-up is going to ensure everything is ready to rock. Even minor repairs can be picked up on during the tune-up so that they can be addressed before they turn into an emergency situation.

Care for the Filter and Ducts

Caring for the components of your central air conditioning system inside of your home is also important. This includes cleaning the air ducts, as well as replacement of the air filter. When you pay attention to these core components of your central air conditioning system, you will benefit from them greatly. The air filter of the system is the easiest one that you are going to want to address. When you replace the filter regularly, you are going to be ensuring that the system can run efficiently, cycling air through it with ease.

The air ducts are much in the same light as the filter as you want clean air coming through the home. When your air ducts get dirty and build up with grime, bacteria, and so on, the air that comes through them is going to be carrying all of that. Get those cleaned annually so that you have air that is free of all of that dirt and such.

Our home energy audit Jacksonville team always comes up with some unique and exciting ways to help you conserve energy. It falls on you as the homeowner to research each of these further. Grab that low-hanging fruit, and begin to take action! The summer is a time when energy bills can skyrocket. Allow us to help you in this area so you can reduce those bills while still maintaining that cool and comfortable temperature you enjoy inside the home.

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