A zone control system is a great asset to have in your home, especially if you have a central air conditioner. When you get central air conditioning installed in your Jacksonville, FL home you are doing so in order to regulate the temperature inside of it. What this means is making sure your kitchen, your bedroom, bathroom, and all other rooms in your home are exactly where you want them to be temperature-wise. Zone control systems are a great complement to central air conditioning in that they allow for this level of control to be had with great ease.

What a Zone Control System Actually Is

So what is a zone control system from a high level? Think of a zone control system as a control center or a computer that essentially tells your central air conditioning system where to send all of the cold air. When you first decide that you want to have a zone control system, you need to first and foremost break up your home into these different zones.

The majority of homeowners are going to start with zones by breaking them up by floors in their homes. If you have a basement, a first floor, and a second floor, they probably should have their own zones. If you live on one of the bigger ranch houses out there, you may want to have a few zones set up so that you can have one area of the ranch controlled by one thermostat, while another area is controlled by a separate thermostat.

What the different thermostats are going to allow is for you to have that full level of control over the temperature of each of the zones. Perhaps you want to have your kitchen set at a certain temperature, but want it much colder when you go into your bedroom at night. The multiple thermostats and zones are what are going to allow that to become a reality. Zone control systems are going to take all of these thermostats and tie them together. When your central air conditioning system needs to get going to respond to one or more of the temperatures, the zone control system is going to trigger it to kick into action.

Zone Control Systems Help With Energy Efficiency

One of the other ways in which a zone control system helps a central air conditioning set-up a great deal is in the area of energy efficiency. Think again of the example of the kitchen and the bedroom that you want to be set at two different temperatures. Another example would be a home that has a first and a second floor to it. If you go to bed at night and you only live on the second floor at night, why would you want to keep the first floor at the same cold temperature as the second? This may not be necessary as no one is even going to be on that floor to enjoy the cool temperature. Zone control systems are going to allow you to get your central air conditioning unit working only when it’s needed and when the thermostat and system kick it into gear.

The energy efficiency factor comes into play because your central air conditioning unit is not going to have to work quite as hard. When you have multiple zones, the unit is only going to kick on when one of the thermostats tied to the zone control system calls for it. When it does kick on, it is only going to focus on that part of the house. This means you are not wasting energy to cool an area of the house that has already been cooled and is already where you want it to be temperature-wise.

Zone control systems are a tremendous complement to a central air conditioning unit. You have likely opted to get central air conditioning so that you can regulate the temperature of your home and keep it as cool as you would like at all hours of the day. You wanted it so you could escape those hot and humid days in Jacksonville, FL in August. With a zone control system, you have an even elevated level of control so that you can pick and choose exactly what temperature you want certain parts of your house at. This helps maintain a level of regularity with a home temperature that is beyond comfortable.

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