There is nothing worse than having an odor in your home that you do not know the source of, nor do you know how to eliminate. One of the more common things that occur when you have an aging HVAC system that has not been well maintained is odor issues. You could have an HVAC system that produces air that only smells badly. As the owner of the HVAC Jacksonville FL system, how can you go about fixing such a problem?

Finding the Source

The first piece of the puzzle here is actually to be able to locate the origin of the problem. Where is the bad smell coming from in your HVAC system? Is the unit itself creating the smell as it runs? Are the air ducts dirty and that is creating an issue with the smell? How about the air filter? Is the filter old, to the point where it is completely worn out and smells nasty?

A professional at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing can assist you in finding the source of the HVAC air smell. It is all about knowing what to look for and taking a methodical approach to the issue. If the smell cannot be easily identified, the next best option is to start to take steps, one at a time, to attempt to eliminate the odor entirely. This may entail replacing the filter first, followed by cleaning the air ducts, and then taking more extreme measures.

The Air Duct Smell

Dirty air ducts are one of the more common reasons why you may end up with a nasty smell from your HVAC system. As an HVAC Jacksonville FL system starts to get old, the dirt and grime that runs through the system are going to start to build up in those air ducts.

The air ducts, the more that they are clogged, will begin to create a smell. Think about what happens when you have a stench in the house, and it is just blown around by a ceiling fan. That smell is not going to go away as the fan blows, it is instead simply going to be spread around.

Dirty air ducts work in much the same way as the smell that your HVAC system can create. Regular air duct cleaning can be the absolute solution to this issue. This means cleaning those air ducts annually, so that they are always clear for the air to pass through, improving the quality of the air and also eliminating the terrible odor.

Ancient Air Filter

Has your air filter been replaced in the past six months to a year? If not, then it could be the air filter that is creating the odor. Air filters, much like air ducts, need to be cleaned regularly. Air filters are usually easier to just be replaced as a matter of fact.

When you take action to change the air filter, it is going to do wonders regarding getting rid of any odor that exists or has built up over a period. Replace that air filter, and that may be an easy fix to a nasty HVAC Jacksonville FL odor issue.

It can be so easy for your HVAC system to start giving off a very foul smell. Our team of professionals at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing can assist you to find the source and taking action to eliminate it. Just being aware though of how quickly dirty air ducts and air filters can lead to an odor problem though can have you in a more educated position.

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