Taking the steps to add quality air conditioning in Jacksonville FL is an investment to say the very least. Due to the investment that comes with such an HVAC system, you want to be sure that you are leaving the status of the system in the hands of a professional. That is where we come into play at J&W Heating and Air with our maintenance programs.

Maintenance plans and the different service options that are available are important to be aware of as the owner of any air conditioning Jacksonville FL system. Whether you have a brand new system or one that is aging, it is never too late to take action and truly start to care for the system from top to bottom. What we offer at our company is what is known as ESP or the Energy Savings Program and its benefits are vast.

Understanding the Program

What the Energy Savings Program is all about is helping your air conditioning Jacksonville FL system run more effectively and efficiently on a day-to-day basis. When you have a system that has to put in extra work just to keep your home cool, then you are going to find yourself in a situation where the system can get overloaded and break down, and you can also waste money in terms of the energy that you have to use.

Having your air conditioning Jacksonville FL system on a maintenance program can mean that you can get that system running at its peak. This can help you reduce the energy that your system is using by up to 25% or more and also help to cut down on your energy bill by that same exact percentage.

Options Available

We have three different options that we have available as part of our Energy Savings Program. These include our Bronze, Silver, and Platinum offerings. All of the programs that we offer have maintenance that includes everything from checking the thermostat to the filtration system, inspecting controls and breakers, fuses, and so on.

With the Silver package, you are going to get the benefit of us working to ensure that your system is structurally sound with all screws and such tightened during check-ups. We check to see if the blower is free of mold and dust and clean it if necessary, and also do not charge any diagnostic fee.

The Platinum package is where the big value comes into play. This service includes protection treatment on your condensation drain pan, treating your indoor air movement system, and cleaning your indoor coil as well as outdoor, coil, among other tasks.

Easily Accessible

The great thing about all of the maintenance programs that we have for your air conditioning Jacksonville FL system is that they are all affordable. You can have your Platinum program put on a Payment Plan as well to make it that much easier for you to pay, saving you from having to come up with the payment all at once. We want our technicians to be available for you to help keep your system running effectively and efficiently.

Our maintenance programs are well worth your attention when you think about all of the resources that you put into acquiring your air conditioning Jacksonville FL system out of the gate. Your system truly is an asset to your home and one that should be protected so that you get the most out of it. The Energy Savings Program that we offer intends to give you all of these great benefits we discussed and much more. You want peace of mind so that when those hot summer months roll around and you fire up your air conditioning in Jacksonville FL, you will know and expect it to work and get the job done to keep your home cool and comfortable, while not wasting energy and money at the same time.

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