Your air conditioning system is there to help keep the home cool. What if you walk by it and notice, though, that ice is forming on it? Do you think that is a good sign? If so, think again! Your air conditioning system is supposed to generate cool air, but it is not supposed to create ice. If you have ice forming in your air conditioning unit you are going to want to evaluate the situation. Reaching out to one of the top air conditioning companies in Jacksonville, FL is crucial!

Variables at Play

What could be the cause of ice forming on your air conditioning system? It could be a variety of factors at play. The issues range in severity. Some may not even need professional assistance. What you always want to do though is to act very quickly. The longer you ignore ice building up around your air conditioning system, the worse the problem becomes.

Dirt Building Up

Do you remember the last time that you cleaned your air conditioning system? Those who are signed up for professional maintenance do! You would be amazed at the amount of dirt and grime that can build up in the compressor. When dirt can compound on top of the coil, it can start to insulate it. The coil is supposed to work to suck in warm air and absorb all of the heat that it can. When the dirt and such prevents it from doing this, ice can form.

Aging Filters

An aging air filter can also lead to clogging of your system. The icing on the system could just be a matter of a dirty air filter restricting flow throughout the air conditioning system. Top air conditioning companies like ours in Jacksonville, FL see issues like this time and time again, just because the filter wasn’t changed. Change that air filter within the recommended period of time.

Refrigerant Leaks

Have you noticed that your system is not generating as much cool air as it used to? It could be due to a leaking of the refrigerant. If your system is low on refrigerant, likely due to a leak, it could lead to icing on the system. Low levels of refrigerant can also put unnecessary stress on your air conditioning system.

Air conditioning companies in Jacksonville, FL like ours can help explain the many reasons a system can ice up. Ice is not something you want to ignore! It has to be dealt with proactively, and taken care of. The faster you respond to an issue like ice on your system, the easier it will be to fix. Ignorance can lead to a severe issue and a more significant repair bill. If you notice ice on your system, call us and have it taken care of today!

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