How to Reach Your Ideal Indoor Humidity Levels

One area that so many homeowners struggle with is in the space of indoor humidity levels. When the summer months roll through in the state of Florida, humidity is just at unbearable levels. Even when you have a central air conditioning system running, you could still be struggling to get indoor humidity levels where you want them to be. We at J&W Heating and Air understand your struggle and want to help you in a few pivotal ways, so you can take back your home, fight the harmful humidity levels, and gain comfort.

Comfort is the name of the game when you are talking about humidity. As a rule of thumb, the higher the humidity inside of the home, the more uncomfortable it is going to be. When you have your humidity levels in check, you are going to be far more relaxed, be able to keep that much cooler. Our home energy audit Jacksonville professionals can help with the identification of areas where you can improve humidity control and more.

Starting With a Home Energy Audit

A way to gain a hold over your indoor humidity levels is by utilizing a home energy audit. Our team of professionals conducts home energy audits in homes across the state every single day. What we do when we take on these checks is to try and help you, the homeowner, get as informed as possible about the energy efficiency of the home. We can help you identify areas where you may be lacking in the efficiency department, letting in the far more warm air than you may intend to.

The more that your home is lacking regarding energy efficiency, the more it will also struggle with humidity. Humidity levels can increase due to old windows that allow drafts in, aging roofs, attics that are not adequately insulated, etc. You will have to run your central air conditioning system that much longer just to cool the home and even still, humidity levels may be higher than you would like them.

Tune-Up the Central Air Conditioning System

A tune-up of your central air conditioning system is another way to gain a hold over the humidity levels of your home. When you have one of our professionals come out to do a routine tune-up of the system, we will be checking everything from top to bottom.

The goal of the tune-up is to keep your system running as efficiently as possible. The more efficient that your central air conditioning system is going to be able to run, the better it will do at controlling humidity inside of the home. A tune-up may also help you identify minor repair needs that can go a long way to improving the system and give you better results.

Reaching ideal humidity levels inside of the home starts and ends with controlling two things, your central air conditioning system and your home’s energy efficiency. The more efficient of a home you have, the better the home will be at controlling humidity levels. When you take care of your central air conditioning system, running it regularly, that too will help keep those levels as low as possible. If indoor humidity is something you are struggling with, reach out to us at J&W Heating and Air and our home energy audit Jacksonville professionals can work to help you.

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