Mold is one of the most dangerous things that your home can be faced with. One of the questions that so many homeowners have though is how exactly mold forms in the first place. When you understand how it can develop, grow, and spread, then you can work to prevent this from happening in the first place. The easiest and most common answer many professionals will tell you is that the risk of mold growth is usually linked to water damage or floods. While this is faithful to an extent, our AC repair Jacksonville experts know that aging and dirty air ducts can also be a real problem spot that can lead to mold.

The air ducts in your home that are used for your central air conditioning system are often overlooked. They are initially installed and away they go. They seem to work to pump the air throughout your home, so chances are you do not give it much thought regarding what their state of them is. As they age these ducts are going to wear down, they can get dirty, and when this happens, the risk they lead to mold growth is real.

Mold Within the Ducts

Mold can easily begin to form within the air ducts of your central air conditioning system as they get dirty over the years. Think about all of the air that goes through these ducts. You have an air filter that works to make sure nothing bad gets up there, but realistically there are going to be times when something gets through. As this happens bit by bit, the dirt and the grime can build up. Combine this with the moisture levels that are present in the ducts, and you have the perfect recipe for the formation of mold.

The scary thing with a situation such as this is that when the air ducts are not cared for, you may not even know that mold has formed in there. The air ducts will keep working; only the air will pass through the mold, picking up the bacteria and blowing it into your home. AC repair Jacksonville professionals stress the importance of routine air duct cleaning, and this is exactly why.

Breaks in the Ducts

The air ducts in your home should also be inspected from time to time so that you know that you do not have any breaks in the ducts. Air ducts should not crack, and they should not end up with holes in them, but they can happen as they wear down over the years. Breaks in the air ducts need to be addressed because what can happen is moisture can leak out, the air can flow to areas where it should not, and mold can grow as a result. This speaks again to the importance of not only cleaning the air ducts but routine inspection of them by an AC repair Jacksonville professional.

Mold is something that you never want to take lightly as a homeowner. If you want to have it in the back of your mind, be proactive about preventing it. Just like you work to make sure your home is sealed up from the nasty weather outside to keep water out, you should be making sure your air ducts are cleaned routinely. It is a similar practice that can go a long way to helping ensure your home’s indoor air quality remains at its peak level and the residents are free of the risk of mold growth in the first place.

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