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Should I Have An Energy Audit Completed?

One of the most beneficial things that you can do to help yourself as a homeowner is to gather information.  The more information that you have about your home the better you are going to be able to manage and maintain the home.  One such piece of information that is very valuable are the result of what can come from what is known as an energy audit.  Home energy audits are gaining a great deal in terms of popularity amongst citizens of the Jacksonville, FL area.  This is because of the many benefits that they bring to the table and what they can give back to homeowners in terms of useful information.


We all want our homes to be as energy efficient as possible.  The more energy efficient that your home is the cheaper it is going to be to heat and/or cool the home overall.  This means more money in your pocket month to month and also a home that is going to be more comfortable in terms of being able to get the home to the temperature that we want it to be at.  An energy audit can help reveal a great deal of information so that we can work to make gains in terms of just how efficient our home is across the board.  Energy audits address everything from areas where energy is lost from the home, taking a look at air conditioning and heating systems, as well as coming up with plans to try and improve things or make gains.  An AC service Jacksonville FL company like us at J&W Heating and Air can execute an energy audit that can reveal to you all of this information and much more.


Identifying Where Energy is Lost


Where is your home just wasting energy?  This is probably not a question that you can answer right out of the gate.  It is going to take a great deal of investigation and research to try and find energy loss areas in the home.  Perhaps you have very old windows that are letting air in and out of them when they are closed.  The roof may also be able to play a factor if you have one that is older in terms of its age.  


When you start a home energy audit our AC service Jacksonville FL professionals are going to do an assessment of your home from top to bottom.  This is with the goal of trying to identify all of these problem areas that your home may be facing.  Figuring out where the energy is being lost is what is going to give you an opportunity to try and make improvements and correct things for the future.


Assessing the Air Conditioning System


Our AC service Jacksonville FL professionals are also going to be able to work to assess the air conditioning system that you have.  Whether or not you have an efficient heating and/or cooling system can make all of the difference in the world in terms of whether or not you have an energy efficient home.  When you have an older air conditioning system, one that maybe has not been all that well-maintained, you are opening yourself up to a lot of waste from an energy perspective.  A home energy audit can identify this waste so that it can be quickly corrected.


Taking Measures to Improve


A home energy audit is also going to be able to identify areas where things can be improved.  There are always ways that you can work to make your home more energy efficient today than it was yesterday.  By taking these steps you are going to be going a long way to putting more money in your pocket month to month s you work to reduce your energy bills and also reduce the carbon footprint that your home has.  We all want the most energy efficient as possible from our homes and its equipment.
The AC service Jacksonville FL professionals that we have working with us at J&W Heating and Air are going to be able to come and do a home energy audit whenever you feel the time is right.  The sooner that you have this type of audit done the quicker we are going to be able to identify areas of weakness for you.  From these areas of weakness you should be able to work to try and capitalize on some of these and make your home that much more efficient.

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