How Do You Know If Your AC Unit Needs Repair?

If you own an AC unit in Jacksonville, it stands to reason you live in an area where temperatures peak during summer. During extremely hot spells, AC units are working overtime. During these extended periods of high temperatures is when older AC units that have not been serviced for some time, may malfunction or entirely break down.

Finding out where the problem stems from may not be all that simple. Some malfunctions may be repaired, while other malfunctions may be a sign that your AC unit has seen better days and needs replacing.

Do You Need A New AC Unit Or An Emergency Repair?

Not all malfunctions are the same. A reputable AC Repair service will be able to assist you with any necessary repairs, parts replacement, and if needed, a new AC Unit.

It is important to have your AC unit serviced regularly and have the ducts cleaned. This will ensure your AC unit’s proper function and the flow of clean healthy air circulating in your home or office. Don’t wait till temperatures rise beyond comfort for an unpleasant surprise, needing emergency solutions. Your AC unit may already be showing signs of malfunction.

Signs Your AC Unit Is Malfunctioning

  • You find warm or hot air blowing through the vents
  • If you find water puddling under the AC Unit
  • If ice is forming on the evaporator coil of the AC unit
  • Any hot spots in your home
  • If a melted plastic odor is present, it could point to burnt wiring, in this case, shut down your AC unit and call for emergency repair service
  • If your home breaker trips in coincidence with your AC system cycle, there could be a problem with your AC’s electrical components

Any issues with HVAC systems, which draw massive amounts of power, could present serious hazards
Is your AC unit not cooling your home or office efficiently and yet it still runs up your monthly bills? If you find your energy bills have been unusually high, this could also be an indication that your cooling system is working too hard to get the job done and that means something is not functioning properly. You probably need your HVAC Serviced.

If your AC unit is repeatedly malfunctioning, beyond repair, or costing you a small fortune to run, then an upgrade to a newer model will reduce your energy bills for years to come.

An AC unit does more than keep your home temperature comfortable during extremely hot weather. An AC unit also contributes to the quality of air circulating in your home. When your AC unit malfunctions or breaks down, unexpectedly, you may be putting yourself and your family at risk.

At J&W Heating and Air we know that your AC unit could malfunction or break down at any time of day or night and when you need it most. Our 24/7, all year round, emergency AC repair service is designed to give our customers peace of mind. Our friendly staff and experienced team of professionals at J&W Heating and Air will look after you and have your AC unit up and running again, in no time at all.

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