There are so many things that you have to keep up with as a homeowner. Think about all of the maintenance that you have to do in the home, from cutting the grass to trimming the hedges, painting window frames, and making sure gutters are cleaned. It can be so easy to forget one or more of these tasks amidst all of the craziness that we typically have going on. One of the most straightforward tasks that you have to do as a homeowner is one of those that you may forget rather quickly, that being the process of replacing your air conditioning air filter. Central AC companies in St. Augustine FL always stress the importance of having a new, clean air filter, but this is often something that can be forgotten about quickly.

The air filter is an essential component of your central air conditioning system. The air filter is what is going to clean all of the air that is being sucked out of your home and up into the system to be conditioned and circulated back in. Without the air filter, all sorts of dirt, dust, and grime would be able to make their way into your air conditioning system. This can be draining to the efficiency and effectiveness of the system, the air quality of your home, and so on.

Know Where the Air Filter Is

To be able to change the air filter, you need to know where yours is. Some air filters are going to be easily located in the ceiling of your home where the main vent is for your system. Other filters may be found in the attic on one of the bigger components of the system. If you do not know where your air filter is, AC companies St. Augustine FL professionals trust, like us at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing, can assist you with locating the filter in no time at all.

Get a Replacement Filter

You then need to be able to figure out what type of filter you need for your particular air conditioning system. Not all of the air filters that are sold are going to be universally accepted for all of the different air conditioning systems. You want to try and pull down the current air filter of your system so that you can see what the size of the filter is that you need. This I important as you want to get a quality filter that is sized so that nothing gets missed in the process of cleaning the air.

Switch Out the Dirty Filter

All that you need to do to change your air filter is to remove the old one and place the new one where the other was located. Make sure that the filter is going in correctly as there is usually one side that should be facing up, while the other side faces down. Understand this so that you can get a new air filter in there and in the right way before you close things back up and let your system resume functioning.

AC companies St. Augustine, FL professionals trust us at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing to know the importance of having a clean air filter at all times. We can help you with changing your air filter, locating it, and anything else you need. Be sure to have your filter changed at least every six months or so, especially when you have the system running with great frequency.

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