One thing about you as a homeowner is that you are always looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient. When your home is more energy efficient it can run at a much cheaper rate on a month-to-month basis. Just like you look for fuel efficiency with a car, you want energy efficiency with your home. This is especially the case as part of the decision to have central air conditioning installed in your Jacksonville, FL home. You may not think by adding central air conditioning that you are making your home more energy efficient, but that is exactly what you can accomplish.

So why is energy efficiency so important when you are thinking about central air conditioning? How can you use central air conditioning to make your home as energy efficient as possible? It all comes down to a few pivotal factors. This includes finally doing away with your old window air conditioning units and then making a decision on the perfect size for your central air conditioning unit so that it can run at an effective and efficient rate. This will keep your home energy efficient and cool whether it is running in most of January or the month of August.

Getting Rid of Window Units

You have no idea just how much electricity a window air conditioning unit uses up. This is especially the case for the older window units that are used by thousands of people every single year. When you make the move from window air conditioning units to central air conditioning, you are going to be finally getting rid of the energy hogs that the window units are.

Window air conditioning units are bad from an energy efficiency perspective simply because they do not do a very good job of maintaining your home at a cool temperature. This causes them to continuously run just to try and get your home close to the temperature that you want it to be at. Central air conditioning does much better at regulating the temperature while running at as low of an energy consumption level as possible.

Choosing the Perfect Central Air Unit

The next major part of achieving energy efficiency when you are adding central air conditioning is by using a central air conditioning unit that is of the proper size. How do you go about choosing the perfect size for a central air unit? You need to start by understanding how they are measured and relying on a professional to give you advice on what system is going to be best for you. Central air conditioning units measure their power in tons. A unit that has a rating of 3 tons will obviously be able to cool better than one that is a 1 ton.

A unit that is too big for your home is not going to be as efficient as you want it to be. This is because it is going to be pumping cold air at too fast of a rate into your home. Once it does this it is then going to cycle off at too fast of a rate. The hot air will be able to come back into the home more quickly and then the unit will have to immediately cycle back on for too short of a time. This is going to cause energy efficiency issues.

The opposite happens when you have a central air conditioning unit that is too small. When the unit is too small it is just not going to shut off. It will keep on running because it is unable to get your home to the proper temperature from top to bottom.

The perfect central air conditioning unit is going to be of a size where it can cycle on, run for a period of time that cools the home and also gets rid of all of the humidity, and then cycles off. Consult with a professional so that you can get a unit that is perfect for the overall size of your home.

Central air conditioning systems are much more energy efficient than window units as long as you have a central air unit that is of the proper size. You can achieve energy efficiency and actually ave on energy costs on a monthly basis when you have a unit working to cool your home. Central air conditioning and energy efficiency really can and do go hand-in-hand when planned accordingly.

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